My name is Ian Frazer. Ever since I first set foot upon a golf course at the age of fourteen I was smitten. I have since made golfing my career and I now train people in the sport that I love.

Shortly after starting my golfing career I realized that there was a dire lack of comprehensive information on the large variety of equipment that is available to the avid golfer. Golfers, no matter what their handicap, know the importance of the choosing the right equipment, but there is so much to choose from that it can become confusing.

With this in mind I started The Golf Spy. My intention was to review all things golf, from golf clubs, to golf bags, golf balls, golf apparel and golf training equipment. I intended this to be an all-inclusive review, the go-to page for golfers and their families who were looking for the ultimate golfing gift.

The professional reviews in The Golf Spy will offer you unbiased reviews of the best in golfing equipment and apparel, helping you to enhance your golfing experience.

In these reviews you’ll find

  • Golf Clubs – including drivers, irons, wedges, fairway woods and putters. The game of golf is all about the right club and we’ll help you find the set that best suits you.
  • Golfing Apparel – Find the clothing that’ll help you to look the part and stay comfortable all day on the green.
  • Golf Training Equipment – Practice makes perfect. Don’t lose your handicap when you can’t get to the green. We have reviewed some of the best practice nets, golf mats and balls.
  • Golf Balls – Get to know the best brands in golf balls.
  • Golf Rangefinders – Improve your golfing performance by using the best in golfing technology.
  • Golf bags – You don’t have to lug around the heavy old bags of yesteryear. Find out about the light new materials that make carting your golf kit less of a burden.

In putting together these reviews I have taken account the professional opinion of many golfers amateur and professional and I am confident that in the Golf Spy you will find the equipment that suits your golfing lifestyle and your budget.