13 Best Golf Bags 2022 Reviews

Having the best golf bags on the market can do things for the convenience of your golf game. With more space and lighter materials, modern golf bags enable you to be prepared for any events that will happen on the golf course.

A good golf bag needs to have space for golf clubs, golf balls, gloves, rain gear, umbrella, tape, coins, food, drinks, valuables, and much more.

If your bag is wearing down and deteriorating then it is probably time to upgrade to the new age bags available today.

There are two standard type of bags to choose from when looking at what is available. The first type of bag is the carry bag. This bag gives you two shoulder straps to use and is ideal for walking players.

The second type of bag available is the car bag. These are also the same types of bags that tour pros use on the PGA tour. Depending on your needs, one of these types will be the best golf bag for you.

Golf bags are the essential item you see both professionals and amateurs carrying around. They protect expensive golf clubs, accessories and personal items.

Golf bags are an important part of organizing your golfing equipment so that it is readily at your side. Different brands, models and types are available so that you always have the best choice possible. With one or two of the below bags on the list, you’ll find a bag that matches your taste.

13 Best Golf Bags

Golf Bags Comparison





Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

  • Newly redesigned Sun Mountain c-130 cart bag

  • Water-resistant valuables pocket

  • Smart straps

Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart Bag

  • Two insulated beverage pockets with drain ports

  • 14-Way top with full length dividers

  • Dual pen holder

PING Hoofer 14

  • A cart strap pass-thru channel that slides behind the pockets

  • The rain Hood provides extra padding for the walk

  • Color: Navy/White/Red

TaylorMade Golf Flextech

  • Easily accessible insulated water bottle pocket

  • Keeps valuables protected from weather and scratching

  • Quick release, dual density strap

Sun Mountain Way Stand Golf Bag

  • 4.5 Lbs. 4-way Top Dividers

  • 14-way Top Dividers

  • Straps are constructed in three layers

PING Golf Mens Pioneer

  • Magnetic quick access pockets

  • 9 total pockets

  • Molded putter well

Sun Mountain Five 5 LS

  • Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Bag

  • G801449

  • White Black Blue

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag

  • 9 total pockets provide ample storage

  • Always-open durable outer edge keeps storage bag open for easy access

  • Removable insulated cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

  • Removable, insulated cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans

  • Oversized putter well fits larger grips

  • Ergonomic single shoulder strap with hidden cart strap sleeve

Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

  • High-grade aluminum legs

  • Self-balancing, convertible strap system

  • Integrated cart strap tunnel for easy access

  • Double apparel pockets for maximum storage

OGIO Cirrus Cart Bag

  • Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve

  • 9 zippered pockets

  • Lightweight fabrics

Cobra Golf King Stand Bag

  • 14-Way top with designated full length club dividers and top grab handle

  • Oversized Apparel pocket with key Clip & fleece lined valuables pocket

  • Insulated beverage pocket and zippered cooler pocket

  • Easy flex base for maximum ground contact

Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

  • Light weight and extremely durable nylon fabric

  • Carbon fiber legs

  • YKK zippered valuables pocket

  • Individual cell phone sleeve

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Style points turns the 2019 C-130 into one of the better choices in the mid-priced category. Buyers will have their choice of black, camo, navy, black-woodland-camo, cactus-black-inferno, chili-gunmetal, cobalt-black, gunmetal-black-red, iron-cement, iron-gunmetal-gray-lime, navy-white-red, and navy-gray.

There is something in there for everyone and that is the main selling point of the bag. Fourteen individual club dividers gives you plenty of room to organize your best clubs. Up to ten pockets are more than enough for any golfer, with ample room for accessories and extras.

This is one of the best golf bags from Sun Mountain, and a safe pick if you need a lot of space.

Who’s It For?

Golfers who need as much space as possible and want some good design choices. The ease of use endears this bag to beginners, so all levels will have no problems getting used to it.

  • Twelve color combinations to choose from
  • Matching rain hood included
  • Ten Pockets
  • 14 Full Length Dividers
  • New Smart Strap System
  • Water resistant valuables pocket

    Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart Bag

    Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart Bag

    The Org 14 is similar in price to the C-130, so that lands it in the mid-price range. Its key features are dual magnetic valuables pockets. They are both easily accessible so that users don’t have to struggle to find their valuables.

    As the name implies it has a roomie fourteen way top with full length dividers. Separating your best clubs is no longer a problem if you tend to carry around a lot. And for buyers that need it, there are dual pen holders built into the bag.

    The Org 14 is an interesting mix of features that comes together to make a great bag.

    Who’s It For?

    Golfers of all levels will find a lot of major advantages when owning this bag. There are not a lot of cons to list, and it has plenty of space for both small and large items. The multiple magnetic pockets also help users that carry a lot of valuables on the golf course.

    • Weighs only 5.8 pounds
    • Dividers go all the way down for a better fit
    • Dual pen holder and dual magnetic pockets are a great addition
    • Cooler is only average in size

    PING Hoofer 14

    PING Hoofer 14

    The 2018 Ping Hoofer comes in five different colors; navy/white/red, graphite/silver/blue, graphite/black/red, black/white/canyon copper and black. It is a nice assortment of colors for one of the lowest priced golf bags on the list.

    The rain hood is both protective and a nice source of padding when needed. Weight is about average, but it is still a surprising amount since this golf bag has a normal amount of space compared to competing brands. That’s still a minor complaint against a low priced golf bag that is one of the better choices on the list.

    Who’s It For?

    Beginners and intermediate players that want a low priced golf bag without extra bells and whistles. It doesn’t have a lot of standout features and instead prioritizes core mechanics. Professionals and some higher end intermediate players will need something more robust as this bag wasn’t meant for their workloads.

    • One of the lowest priced golf bags on the list
    • Rain hood also doubles as extra padding
    • Strap connector makes transporting the bag a painless affair
    • Good amount of colors to choose from
    • Less space than other bags in the same price range

    TaylorMade Golf Flextech

    TaylorMade Golf Flextech

    Stand bags have to be durable inside and out, so that is one of the main draws of the Flextech Crossover. This mid-priced golf bag can take a lot of punishment on the golf course if you’re a daily player.

    Available colors are black, red, navy and gray. The colors aren’t anything too spectacular but the design is well done.

    An insulated water bottle pocket is always within reach while the dual density strap makes it comfortable to carry a heavy load. This is a good stand bag that will last for years in the right environment.

    Who’s It For?

    Beginners will get more mileage with this bag than any other user. It was made with their needs in mind so is a nice starter bag. Intermediate and professional users are less likely to get the most out of this bag since it is lacking a lot of high end essential features for their play styles.

    • Highly durable bag and stands
    • Dual density strap has a nice feel
    • Large water bottle pocket that is well insulated
    • Included rain hood is the same thick quality as the bag
    • Not ideal if you’re not a beginning golfer

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    Sun Mountain Way Stand Golf Bag

    Sun Mountain Way Stand Golf Bag

    This mid-priced Sun Mountain golf bag is one of their better lineup choices for beginners. It is a stand bag that is available in black, black/cobalt, black/gunmetal/red, gray-gunmetal-flash, iron/red and navy/white/red.

    There is a good amount of club space when using the four way top divider. Comfort features include the three layer straps that are also contoured. Users that hate carrying uncomfortable bags will love the straps on this Sun Mountain model. With the many colors and nice comfort features, this is a bag worth investing in.

    Who’s It For?

    Beginners and some intermediate players that don’t have a lot of clubs. You’ll get plenty of usage out of this bag without needing much more. Intermediates and professionals with a ton of different club combos will find it lacking for their needs and storage space.

    • Above average amount of colors to choose from
    • Weighs 6.4 pounds
    • Fits large putter grips
    • Integrated umbrella holder
    • A great choice for users looking for a ‘hybrid’ bag
    • Affordable entry price for beginner and intermediate players
    • Has some balancing issues when it is in stand mode

    PING Golf Mens Pioneer

    PING Golf Mens Pioneer

    Another low cost golf bag that is worth looking at is the Ping Pioneer. It is available in black, birdie blue/black/white and navy/black/white.

    There are multiple magnetic quick access pockets to store your valuables to extra accessories. It’s roomy enough for the most complex of gadgets, even larger smartphones. The same can be said about the nine total pockets on the bag that are placed in easy to reach areas.

    A feature that most golfers will appreciate is the molded putter well that works great for multiple putters on the market. This is a simple, all in one golf bag that handles core mechanics with ease.

    Who’s It For?

    The simplicity of this bag makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate users. There are some quality features for professionals, but the biggest audience will be beginning golfers that want a competent bag to hold their clubs.

    • Fifteen-way top with anti-flex walls
    • Eleven total pockets with two specialized apparel pockets
    • Valuables pocket is water-resistant
    • Cart-strap channel makes it easier to access the entire bag
    • Only weighs seven pounds
    • Clubs stay in place even with heavy movement
    • More colors would have added to its appeal

    Sun Mountain Five 5 LS

    Sun Mountain Five 5 LS

    At the middle of the list is the upgraded version of the previous Sun Mountain bag. This mid-priced model is a solid choice for golfers that want to take the next step up in equipment.

    In the lightweight series, it is still the largest bag available. That means more pockets to store your valuables and extra space for your clubs. As a stand bag, it is the most you can get without adding on any impactful weight.

    Three of the valuables pockets are water resistant while the non-skid bottom keeps it balanced when stationary. This is the logical step up if you are a fan of the series and need something new.

    Who’s It For?

    Just like the previous model, beginners and intermediate players will get the most out of this bag. Even with the extra space it is unlikely that professional users will be attracted to this model.

    • The most spacious in the series
    • Still lightweight even with the additional compartments
    • Four way top with full length dividers
    • Nine total pockets (three of them are water resistant)
    • Phone pocket is clear so you can see messages and missed calls
    • A few extra features would have endeared this bag to professional users

    Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag

    This Bag Boy model lives up to its name and also comes at a low price point. Available colors are black/charcoal/royal, black/charcoal, black/charcoal/lime, black/charcoal/red and navy/charcoal/orange.

    But the best feature about this model is its large insulated cooler bag. It can hold up to six 12 ounce cans, more than enough for a day of golfing.

    Nine total pockets are available to store valuables and accessories. With the fifteen way top, this is a surprisingly large bag that takes advantage of every nook and cranny. The Bag Boy Golf Chiller is an easy top five pick on the list.

    Who’s It For?

    Golfers that need a lot of storage space for their clubs and drinks. With all of the extra space for clubs and accessories, this makes it great for all levels of play. Even professionals can get use out of it if they want to load up for a casual round.

    • Best built in cooler on the list
    • Low price but high storage
    • Handles are soft and fit to your hand nicely
    • 420 Denier Nylon
    • Average quality zippers for all of the applicable pockets

    Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

    Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

    The Chiller makes its triumphant return, this time as a stand bag. It has the same low price as the cart bag but there are some noticeable differences in design and function. This time around, there is only a fourteen way top, but it does feature full length dividers.

    The same great insulated cooler is built into this mode, but it is a little smaller, and can only fit four 12 ounce cans.

    On the plus side there are more available colors; black/charcoal/royal, black/charcoal, black/charcoal/lime, black/charcoal/red, black/charcoal/yellow, charcoal/slate/orange, navy/charcoal/orange and royal/charcoal/silver.

    Despite the slight downgrade in some areas, the Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag is still a great value.

    Who’s It For?

    Golfers that want a stand bag with an advanced cooler built into it. This is also for fans of the Chiller Cart Bag. As a third option, buyers that want a smaller version of the Cart Bag model should consider this their best option.

    • Great cooler design that holds a nice amount of cans
    • Soft single shoulder strap with strap holder
    • Durable 420 Denier nylon
    • One of the lowest prices on the list for a stand bag
    • A bit of a downgrade from the Cart Bag model

    Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

    Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

    The Titleist 14 Way Stand Bag is a mid-priced model that offers convenience and function. There are eight zippered pockets with plenty of room in each. The dual strap is strong enough to carry heavy weight but designed to put less stress on your shoulders.

    During long games you’ll have no issues carrying this light bag from one end of the course to another. As the name suggests, the fourteen way divided holds a lot of clubs while keeping them protected. There is a reason this model is popular, and this year’s iteration is even better.

    Who’s It For?

    Golfers of any level will be able to get a lot of use out of this bag. Professionals will love the high quality of the materials while beginners and intermediate players will enjoy the convenience features (towel ring/dual strap). Even small touches like the zippers on the pockets show a great attention to detail.

    • Eight total pockets with lots of room to spare
    • Towel ring and rain hood included
    • Comfortable straps that don’t cut into your shoulders while carrying
    • Owners of previous versions don’t have enough of a reason to upgrade their bags

    OGIO Cirrus Cart Bag

    OGIO Cirrus Cart Bag

    Count this as another low cost cart bag on the list, but this time from Ogio. Available colors for this model are shoot black, bolt green, burst blue and rush red.

    Pay no attention to the snappy names, as this is simply a nice looking green, blue, black and red design. It isn’t flashy, yet looks really good when compared to higher end bags.

    At the top is a fifteen way divider with front duel putter pits. The valuables pocket is fleece lined and weather resistant for protection. Even with a low price, this cart bag has a nice amount of high end features.

    Who’s It For?

    At first glance it looks like the Cirrus is meant for beginners and intermediates. When you go deep into its features, it’s easy to see how it also appeals to professionals. This works out as a great backup alternative for professionals that want a casual bag without pulling out the big guns.

    • All nine pockets are zippered
    • Cell phone sleeve can handle large phones
    • Colors/Designs are upper tier quality
    • Large fifteen way 2x barrel cart top
    • Bag material could be a little better

    Cobra Golf King Stand Bag

    Cobra Golf King Stand Bag

    The Cobra Golf 2018 King Stand Bag is available in black and nardo grey. It is another low cost model on the list with its own set of really intuitive features.

    One of those is the oversized apparel pocket with key clip. With some careful packing, you can fit a lot of clothes into its large space. The valuables pocket gets equal treatment and carries a lot more than a normal bag.

    Cobra describes its base as ‘easy flex’ and it really does hold up well to that name. This is one stand bag that will retain its shape even after years of hard use.

    Who’s It For?

    Players that want a lot of space. There are enough core features to make this attractive to all levels, so even professionals will get a lot of mileage out of this bag. If you have a lot of clubs and accessories, then this is the bag to get.

    • Fourteen way top with full length club dividers
    • Bag holds it shape after years of abuse
    • Insulated beverage pocket
    • Hip pad with built in cool flow foam
    • Only two color options available

    Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

    Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

    The last bag on the list is the Hyper Lite Zero, a mid-priced stand bag from the great Callaway Company. Like all of their popular bags, it comes in a variety of colors; black/titanium/white, camo, multi-color, titanium/neon yellow/white and titanium/pink/white.

    The carbon fiber legs keeps the bag upright even when it is filled to the brim with accessories and golf clubs. Small or large smartphones will fit comfortably in the cell phone sleeve, giving you instant access to your device.

    Even in a lineup full of light bags, this is still the lightest stand bag in Callaway’s lineup. Buyers can put this as one of the top two bags on their list if they want the very best.

    Who’s It For?

    Any player that wants one of the lightest stand bags on the market without losing any key features. It’s a pretty amazing package when you consider how much space is available for your clubs and accessories.

    • Available as a single or double strap model
    • Only weighs 2.5 pounds total
    • Valuables pocket comes with a YKK zipper
    • One of the few golf bags to have alternative color options for female golfers
    • One extra pocket would have made this bag perfect


    Golf Bags Comparison Chart

    You could spend an hour making a list of the best brands in the industry and still leave off some of the finer choices. Things are really competitive in the industry and it has a lot to do with the popularity of the sport.

    Golf is bigger than ever, and there are more hobbyists, professionals and amateur players than ever before. Brands that stand out the most are Sun Mountain, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Nike and Datrek. These are the cream of the crop, or at the very least the starting brands for a lot of beginning golfers.

    Sun Mountain in particular offers a lot of great bags for first time golfers without pushing too much on them at once. Even though Ogio didn’t make the list of notable names, that doesn’t mean that other companies haven’t made noise. Once again, this is a competitive market!

    Which Companies Offer The Best Experience?

    Sun Mountain, Callaway and Titleist. This trio will cover all of the top models for golfers of all levels. Sun Mountain for beginners/intermediate players, and Callaway and Titleist for intermediate/professional players.

    It should be noted that all three brands can cater to any level, but this is a more accurate representation of how their best selling products match up against one another.

    Every day consumers are still the largest base for any golfing company, so even though better known brands like Nike put in the marketing dollars for professionals, they are still not in the top three for everyday consumers.

    It is an interesting parallel that shows the difference in usage between hobbyists and professionals when using their golf bags. One key feature for all three companies are their designs. There are plenty of variations from one model to the next so that you never see the same bag on a course.



    None of the golf bags on the list fall into the expensive or high price category. This is an amazing achievement for multiple reasons; all of the bags are upper tier 2018 models that have all of the cutting edge features.

    Some of them also hold records that not even more expensive bags have broken (weight). And lastly, the difference in materials from a mid-priced bag to an expensive one is barely noticeable.

    High end golf bags can cost in the thousands if you are serious about getting every single feature on day one. But once the new shine wears off, companies often incorporate their best features into the consumer versions of bags without jacking up the price.

    It is the perfect example of how waiting is a good thing, at least for golf bags. So if you are looking at a low cost bag from this list, it will usually have similar features to that of a high end golf bag.

    Prices are more relevant when looking at low and mid-priced bags, since space and type are taking into consideration. Many of the major models have a lower tier series that shaves off unwanted features and adjusts the price accordingly.

    Best Features


    Most people wouldn’t believe the vast amount of features present in most golf bags. Unlike other bags, these features don’t really affect the price too much.

    Golf bag prices go up for storage instead of included features. This benefits all consumers and makes it easier to find a golf bag that matches up with the things you desire the most.

    Full Length Dividers–This is a very underrated feature, especially for users that have expensive or modified golf clubs. The dividers keep the clubs separate from one another so that no weird shenanigans happen while carrying the bag.

    Even bags with ¾ dividers will have issues with club grips getting tangled or banging into one another while moving. Full length dividers is the bare minimum you should strive for when looking for a quality golf bag.

    Putter/Driver Wells – Similar to the dividers, but this time around it separates the putters and drivers from the rest of the clubs. These specialized wells stops head damage from occurring while your clubs are in the bag.

    Losing your prized putter or driver due to head damage is a frustrating experience. So if this has been a problem in the past, make sure your new bag comes properly equipped with this feature.

    Large Pockets – Having a lot of pockets is nice, but it doesn’t really mean anything unless they are large enough to fit your accessories and valuables. Ideally you’d want a lot of pockets that are large, but if forced to make a decision, lesser pockets that are larger is better.

    It can be a bit confusing at first why this matters if you are a beginning golfer. Once you get into a rhythm and know exactly what accessories/extras you want, prioritizing refined space will make more sense.

    Bag Locking System – You’ll run across many different variations of this mechanic. It is usually for cart bags, but can also be found in a lot of the new hybrid bags.

    A locking system keeps the bag in place so that doesn’t send everything you own flying off the cart while riding. A good example of this is Datrek’s Top-Lok technology.

    Even if it doesn’t have something as sophisticated, you can still count on any bag within this list to have a strap on system in place.

    Multiple Colors – There is nothing materialistic about having customization options! The more colors that are available, the better it is for a consumer.

    Buyers that have custom clubs and accessories can match everything up with their new bags. And now that there are alternative colors available for women, they don’t have to settle for bags solely made for men. Some of the designs brands have come out with are absolutely outstanding.

    Forward Facing Pockets – This is another one of those small touches that makes a big difference. Forward facing pockets are all about accessibility. It is less of a hassle to get things in and out of the bag with this feature, and that is why it comes recommended if you tend to pack a lot of accessories.

    Rain Hood – Essential to any golf bag, it protects from rain and high winds during bad weather days. Some are even thick enough to be used as padding to help with carrying the bag or laying it on a surface. A quality rain hood can go a long way if you plan on golfing a lot.

    Apparel Pockets – Apparel pockets will let you store a change of clothes, and in some cases provide storage for extra shoes. This is another one of those situations where having a larger size is preferable. In a best case scenario, the bag is large enough that it carries two separate apparel pockets.

    Cooler Pocket – A cooler pocket is where you want to put your beverages or snacks. It’s a really cool feature that can really keep you hydrated during hot days.

    Users that want to help out their golfing buddies can even fit a six pack into a single cooling compartment. Always check how much cooler space is being marketed before committing to a specific bag.

    Water Resistant Pockets – This is a big deal if you want to protect items inside the golf bag pockets. This is an ideal feature for golfers that place their phones and other electronics inside the bags. So even if you forgot to bring the rain hood, valuables are well protected inside the pockets.

    Velour Lined Valuables Pocket – Things that have a screen should be put in these pockets. The velour is smooth like silk and will protect whatever is in the pocket regardless of how much action is going on outside.

    Some bags come with two of these pockets which so you can put your phone in one and a GPS in the other.

    See Through Pockets–If a text or a call comes through, this features lets you retrieve the information without having to take your phone out of its pocket.

    Overall it is an ingenious way to get information from your device while protecting it from the dangers of the golf course. The same usefulness applies if you put a GPS or other screen heavy device in it.

    Competitive Prices – All of the bags listed are in the low to mid-price range. It’s a great value to consider even if you’re just starting out with the wide world of golfing.


    Larger golf bags means more room for you to store your clubs and accessories. In turn you’ll also have to deal with it being more bulky, especially after you’ve added your clubs.

    The difference between a large and small bag can be major depending on how well the brand handles the differences. So it is possible to have a bag that is small in size but still maintains the same amount of room as a bag that is bigger.

    Brands like Callaway do a good job handling size so that all of their golf bags don’t have any unnecessary bulk.


    Light golf bags are all the rage nowadays, so brands only increase their visibility by meeting demand. The only time you will see really heavy golf bags is on the high end.

    The current list is full of light bags, so the only real benefit to looking at weight is if you want the lightest bag possible. But after adding your clubs, extras, apparel, drinks and other items it is hard to tell the difference between a two pound bag and a three pound bag.

    Having weight to spare by getting a light bag is still something to consider if you have back or shoulder problems.

    Cart Bag Or Stand Bag?

    Each of these types has their own benefits, but which one deserves your money? Even though the actual use for these bags are defined in their types (STAND/CART) they can be used for any purpose you wish.

    This is another one of the great things about golf- you can do what you want with your equipment, even if that means driving with a putter. Here is a breakdown of each bag and its strengths;

    Cart Bags usually have more storage and are cart friendly. You’ll get much more extended options with these bags included cutting edge enhancements like locking systems and double apparel space. These types of bags are suited for golfers that don’t like to walk the course a lot.

    Stand Bags have retractable legs that balance the bag so you can stand it up. The design of these bags are simpler than cart bags since all of the pockets need to be easily accessible while it is in this mode.

    They also come packed with a lot of convenience features to make them more comfortable for short and long distance carrying. Golfers that like to walk the course will have a high preference for stand bags.

    Is It Normal To Have Both Types?

    Yes! And with the introduction of hybrid golf bags, there are users that have three main bags. Hybrid bags take the best of both types and blend it into one useful solution. So you get the roominess of a cart bag with the legs and lightness of a stand bag.

    It is the best of both worlds, but users should be wary since not all brands do it correctly. Sometimes these combinations result in nothing more than a cart bag with legs rather than a truly innovative product.

    Take a close look at the features so that you have a better idea of what a hybrid golf bag is offering.

    Compatibility Issues

    In rare instances modified clubs and accessories won’t fit into a golf bag without a little force. In this case you would want to back off and leave the modified club/extra at home.

    Unfortunately a lot of users go in the other direction with this and force it in. This results in one of two situations; it eventually fits, but is a pain to get out. Or the more obvious choice, it fits and damages either the bag or the club/extras.

    When faced with this situation, never force the item into the bag. It’s always a better idea to just go with a different bag that is compatible with your golfing equipment.

    Will Certain Tournaments Have Bag Restrictions?

    This is not a problem at all unless the club you play for has color restrictions (unlikely). The real problem is with the items in the bag. There are restrictions for balls, clubs, electronics, apparel and even drinks.

    The amount of restrictions can be staggering so users should always check with the golf club they are playing at. Like all things in this category, rules can change at a moment’s notice so it is better to be on top of it instead of getting a surprise warning.

    Small Bags vs. Large Bags


    This conversation is made possible if you look at some of the older balance issues with stand bags. Back when the technology was first introduced, there were balancing issues with the bags when they were in stand mode. This was the result of uneven terrain, weak legs and even strong winds.

    Nowadays this isn’t a problem even if you’re in a situation where all three of these hazards are happening simultaneously. The uptick in technology with golf bags has even seen improvements with hybrid bags that have similar balance strength to stand bags.

    Specialized Golf Bags

    As mentioned before, Hybrid golf bags are the new wave models that combine the best of both worlds. How good the model is will be dependent on which brand you go with.

    When hybrid features are done just right, there’s no other bag on the market that can compare. Here are the pros of a hybrid golf bag;

    • Comes with legs that have the same balance and strength as top tier stand bags. On rough terrain or even in heavy wind you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.
    • A lot of extra room is included but it still maintains a low weight. This is the best quality about hybrid bags and the main reason why they sell so well. That means more room for apparel, more pockets and cooler space without significantly increasing the overall weight of the bag. Buyers also won’t see a decrease in club storage space if they go with a hybrid bag.
    • Improved cart locking system. Some hybrid bags come with upgraded locking systems that are exclusive to their specific line. That means even the high end bags in that company’s lineup won’t have the locking mechanism implemented.

    What Makes A Good Golf Bag?


    You want five things to make ANY golf bag a must buy. All of these are equally important, but having all of them in one bag guarantees a quality purchase.

    1. Tough materials will protect not only the bag but the items you put inside of it. Putting your most expensive golfing equipment in a weak bag is asking for trouble.
    2. Full length dividers provide much better protection than ½ length or even ¾ length dividers. It is a big deal if you own a pair of expensive clubs and don’t want to damage them in any way.
    3. Excellent padding in the straps will keep your shoulders and back happy. This is often an underappreciated feature on both types of golf bags. Double padding is always a good thing to hear when you’ve got a long day at the golf course.
    4. Low to mid-price. There is little reason to purchase a super expensive golf bag when all of the same features are available at a low price.
    5. Great customer service is the last thing and goes a long way in guaranteeing the longevity of a golf bag. With it your warranty and customer service needs will be met in a timely manner.

    Customer Service Pros With Leading Bags

    A great bag from a bad company is not a good mix. Even if that bag meets all of your feature criteria’s there will come a time where you need to contact the company about the following; warranty, general customer service questions about accessories.

    Having to deal with a non-responsive inquiry or long warranty process is one of the main reasons buyers stick to well-known brands. It becomes even more of a problem if there isn’t a good website to associate with your model. In today’s age, no website=no purchase from an informed consumer.

    Brands With The Most Notable Models


    Everyone has their favorites, so no matter what it will always be opinion based. There are golfers that are using the same bag brand from when they first started golfing. Here are some notable brands/models that have made an impact on the industry.

    Sun Mountain – Their Three 5 Zero-G is one of the best stand bags in the industry. It received solid ratings from multiple outlets and continues to be recommended by both consumers and professionals.

    Nike Sport Carry Lite – Having one of the biggest marketing budgets in the world will always get you a lot of consumers, but Nike’s Sport Carry Lite gained fans by being an awesome bag.

    The name fits, and it continues to remain impressively high on many lists when looking at the lightest bags at the lowest price. By modern standards it is a unicorn, a mixture of features, value and incredible design.

    Callaway – No list is complete without the inclusion of Callaway. The Hyper-Lite 4.0 gives the Nike model a run for its money by being a full featured golf bag that has an extreme amount of padding. This still stands as probably the most comfortable bag in the industry. This is exactly what you’re looking for if walking the golf course has been a pain.

    Advanced Features

    For advanced features, users don’t have to look any further than the Callaway Fusion. It has a pocket to fit a JLab Audio Crasher Mini Bluetooth speaker. This isn’t exactly a revolutionary feature, but it is a unique one that is worth checking out.

    Other bags have similar options, but not as well integrated as Callaway. If it catches on, this could be a great way to have add the option of wireless streaming media. The extra cost of purchasing a Bluetooth speaker would be the only deterrent.

    Cleaning A Golf Bag


    You don’t need any special materials to clean a golf bag, and you especially don’t need a golf bag cleaning kit. However, proper maintenance is a must if you want to extend the longevity of your purchase. Grass, mud and even regular condensation will be what you encounter as part of the normal cleaning routine.

    Condensation is the biggest enemy since it needs to be dealt with before drying. Using a dry towel and spot remover spray will get rid of 99% of all dirt, stains and debris on your golf bag. And yes, even if the bag is black you have to clean it!

    Can You Repair A Golf Bag On Your Own?

    You can, but it isn’t recommended. Remember, a golf bag is meant to protect your most expensive golfing equipment. And if you tend to load the bag up, that includes your clothes and electronic items.

    Rips and tears in a bag should be dealt with immediately by calling in your warranty. In a scenario where you warranty has run out or won’t cover the damage, then the best option would be to buy a new golf bag.

    It isn’t as silly as it sounds when you look up the prices of the bags on the list. There are enough options from multiple companies so that you can get the golf bag of your dreams.


    Whether you’re in the market for a stand golf bag or a cart bag, brands have stepped up their game in regards to quality and if you are looking for the best golf bags we have compiled a great list to get you started. Golfers can now get more value for their money than ever before.

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