6 Best Small Golf Bags Reviews 2019

Going the lightweight route comes with a few space restrictions. That hasn’t stopped a lot of players from adopting a small golf bag as their main, or at least a backup. When you don’t need your full arsenal of clubs and accessories, there is no better companion than a small golf bag.

Top 6 Small Golf Bags

Small Golf Bags Comparison
Top Rated

ProActive Sports Executive

  • Perfect for beginner, junior, and senior
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • 2 zippered pockets
  • Polyester

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight

  • Ultra-lightweight stand carry bag
  • Durable carry handle plus shoulder strap
  • Rectractble legs provide support
  • Weighs a mere 1.95 pounds.

K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course

  • Holds 6-7 clubs, including driver
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Rigid body with detachable plastic tube
  • Zippered accessory pocket

Ranger Carry Sunday Range

  • 3 Zippered Pockets & 1 Towel Ring
  • Padded Top Protects Club Heads
  • Ultra-Durable 1680D Fabric
  • 1 Year Full Bag Replacement Warranty

Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper Lite

  • Manual release stand System
  • Comfort Tech single strap
  • 3 way top with full length club dividers
  • Water-resistant base belly coating

Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite Zero

  • Carbon fiber legs
  • YKK zippered valuables pocket
  • Individual cell phone sleeve
  • Callaway\\\'s lightest stand bag at 2.5 lbs

ProActive Sports Executive Course Golf Bag

Best Small Golf Bags ReviewsThis is the most interesting bag on the list by a long shot. It is also the cheapest, and ranks as one of the lowest priced golf bags in the industry. Created by ProActive Sports, this golf bag is a simple club holder with a few pockets. It’s the smallest, lightest and cheapest bag you can get without compromising in other areas. Made completely of polyester, the material holds strong even when you load it up to the max. Buyers that want something simple can’t go wrong by choosing the golf bag.

There is no doubt that this is 100% for beginners. It holds a few golf clubs, offers no extra protection and has the lowest amount of space out of all the bags. Intermediate and professional users can’t even use it as an emergency bag since it doesn’t protect their most expensive clubs.


  • Tough high grade polyester
  • Smallest and lightest bag on the list
  • Can be folded to fit in small places when not in use
  • Padded shoulder strap for carrying
  • A decent amount of pockets for its size


  • Absolutely no protection at all for high grade golf clubs

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

Best Small Golf Bags ReviewsCount this as another low priced golf bag, but this time with a lot more variety. There are eight available colors to choose from, making this a great golf bag for picky consumers. It is barebones like the previous bag on the list but does offer decent protection for expensive clubs. The top opening of the bag is a generous 3.25 x 4.25, more than enough for what’s needed in a short game. If the ProActive bag is considered a bit too small for normal tastes, then this golf bag is the perfect size.

This also falls into the beginner’s category, but has enough protection for the clubs to make it mildly interesting for some intermediates. Not as a primary bag, but definitely as a backup or emergency choice. Unfortunately professionals will once again feel this doesn’t fit their needs.


  • Low price
  • Weighs less than two pounds
  • Stiff construction so can take a lot of damage
  • Holds between six or eight clubs
  • Nice design with a lot of color choices
  • Comfortable easy to reach carrying handles
  • Spacious top with decent protection for clubs


  • Only one accessory pocket

K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag

Best Small Golf Bags ReviewsA bag that has flown under a lot of radars comes from K-Cliffs. Available at a low price, this bag can also be purchased in the colors black or pink trim. The latter is very tastefully done, serving as a really nice ladies golf bag for an incredible price. K-Cliffs took in a lot of feedback from their older bags and improved on this version with the materials and the comfort options. Buyers that want more of a travel case instead of a carry around golf bag will find that this model perfectly suits their needs.

Technically, anyone. This is a travel golf bag case that is made to protect your most expensive equipment. Even professionals can find a good use for this bag when they are going on long trips. You can fit your favorite clubs in this case and not have to worry about them getting damaged.


  • The ladies version of the bag is excellently done
  • Holds up to seven clubs total (driver included)
  • Shoulder strap is detachable
  • Water resistant
  • Great protection against damage


  • Useful for traveling but not on the golf course

Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag

Best Small Golf Bags ReviewsThe second to last bag on the list is another travel bag. This time around, Caddy Daddy takes their low priced Sunday Range model and shows off some major improvements from older models. Available colors are black/blue and black/silver. It keeps a very professional look so should match with other luggage and carrying items. But the big selling point of this golf bag is how tough it is compared to similar models. Despite its small size, it can take much more punishment and carry a lot more weight as a result.

Now this is a tough one. It is definitely for beginners. This is the best travel bag on the list by far for beginners if you’re looking for options. Intermediates may even consider bumping this up to a main bag if they tend not to carry a lot of clubs. The unique thing about this travel bag is that it can also double as a regular golf bag.


  • Professional color choices
  • Tough 1680 denier nylon
  • One year warranty that offers full bag replacement
  • Plenty of storage space


  • One of the heavier bags on the list at 3.5 lbs.

Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper Lite 1 Pencil Sunday Bag

Best Small Golf Bags ReviewsCallaway makes the list again, this time with the Hyper Lite 1. This is an interesting bag if you make a direct comparison with the first choice on the list. Both are from the Hyper series, but there are some advantages with the Hyper Lite 1 over the Hyper Lite Zero. The level of water resistance provided by the belly coating is second to none, and quite impressive for such a low cost golf bag. With its comfort features and space, the Hyper Lite 1 is a dream bag for any golfer.

Any golfer that wants a light stand bag will find a worthwhile purchase. It’s different enough from the Hyper Lite Zero to make it attractive to owners of previous models. Professionals that want a casual bag will find this more than adequate for their needs.


  • Plenty of room in the three zipped pockets
  • Single strap designed balances weight correctly
  • Stand legs are strong and won’t topple
  • Uses a manual release system for the legs
  • Full sized apparel pocket- hard to find on bags this size


  • Only available in black

Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

Best Small Golf Bags ReviewsThe small size of this Callaway golf bag is a big draw to any avid golfer. For a good price you can get the 2018 Hyper Lite Zero in one of seven available colors. It also has options for a double or single strap styling, further setting it apart from the rest of the competition. The most amazing thing about all of the choices is that they’re available at the midrange price. A top rated stand bag with low weight is easy to find if you look over the range of  Callaway golf bags.

All golfing levels can appreciate the features of this bag. It is low maintenance with high durability. Intermediate users will get the most out of this purchase because of the price. It is a top tier bag with all of the goodies you would expect from one of the bags professionals use. If you want to read more about the most popular golf bags read this guide.


  • Only weighs 2.5 pounds total
  • Carbon fiber legs are strong but don’t add a lot of weight to the bag
  • The lightest stand bag in Callaway’s lineup
  • Tough nylon fabric that is rip resistant


  • The dual strap option is the better choice between the two

Small Golf Bag Brands

Best Small Golf BagsYou can scan the list multiple times, but the biggest name will always be Callaway. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to golf bags on this list. Although they are the biggest brand name on the small golf bags list, there is plenty of competition. K-Cliffs made a big impression and is worth mentioning for their travel bag. It was one of the bigger surprises of this list and proved that a great idea can challenge any big brand golf name.

Small Golf Bag Designs

Small golf bags aren’t exactly known for having designs that will make you look in awe. The two bags that did it best are from Callaway and K-Cliffs. The latter was especially good with their pink trim, a ladies bag that is sure to turn a few heads. It wasn’t overdone, and even up close you can see the care that went into the design. Small golf bags with incredible designs are hard to find, yet the ones that have understated charm make an even bigger impact. Because of the lack of over the top designs, most of the bags will either be professional or not stand out at all.

Are Small Golf Bags Less Durable?

Golf bags of this size aren’t a problem when it comes to durability unless you’re the roughest golfer in the world. The type of material used is the main difference between regular sized and small golf bags. You’re going to get a lot of polyester mixes that have some type of rip resistance. The material won’t win any rewards, but will be fine as long as you get products that are assertive with their build materials. Nylon and tough polyester mixes will do just fine for the amount of weight a small golf bag is expected to carry.

Hyper Series

Best Small Golf BagsTwo of the top three bags on the list are from Callaway. The Hyper series in this list is represented by the Hyper Lite Zero and Hyper Lite 1. Both are lightweight stand bags with a lot of full bag features. They are the bags that are most likely to attract intermediate and professional users that want to travel light without compromising space and club protection. With all of the downsizing that went into making these bags, the Hyper Series is an incredible achievement on its own.

Why Use A Travel Bag?

Beginners may get confused when they see the word “travel golf bag”. They are slightly different from regular small golf bags since they are meant to transport longer distances instead of carry around the golf course. Think of these as the type of bags you want to put your prized golf clubs in when you’re boarding a plane. Some of the models on the list also double as course bags, so travel golf bags are really handy if you know how to use them correctly. Besides being at a much lower price than small golf bags, they are also handy to have for emergencies.

Can You Use A Small Golf Bag As A Main Bag?

This depends entirely on your current golf setup, clubs and accessories. Even casual golfers will have a lot of extras they want to carry with them on the course. Shorter games where you don’t plan on spending multiple hours golfing will show the most benefit with small bags. So in that case it would work better for hobbyists and absolute beginners. No one in that group is going to have hundreds or thousands of dollars of golf equipment to put in an expensive bag. But even intermediate players that want to hit a few holes for fun will find small golf bags useful.


There aren’t many extras that come with small golf bags. When it comes to extras, usable features takes the place of add on accessories. A good example of this is the foldable design of some of the travel bags for golf clubs on the list. It is an ultra-space saving feature that lets you store the bag under a car seat. Other extras include small golf bags with wide tops. With a wide top you don’t have to force your clubs into the bag, even if they’re custom made. Bags that accommodate 5-8 clubs are a good example of small bags done right.


If someone is dead set on getting a regular golf bag as a main, they aren’t going to change their minds and get a small golf bag. But as a complimentary accessory to your other golf equipment, small golf bags are worth the purchase. They’re a valuable purchase for golfers of any level that want to shed a lot of carrying weight.