5 Cheap Golf Bags for 2020 (With Reviews) 

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Last Updated:  06/11/2020

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When your golf bag budget is limited, a cheap bag is the only option. That doesn’t mean that you will get a bad deal. In fact, there are a lot of great golf bags in this price range that don’t sacrifice quality. The bulk of them are just smaller versions of the best-selling golf bags on the market from the same companies. With that in mind, buyers are getting a really good deal and trimming out some of the feature-fat that they were never interested in.

Cheap Golf Bags

Cheap Golf Bags Comparison
Top Rated

Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag

  • 9.5 inch 14-way graphite friendly
  • 14 Full length club/shaft dividers
  • 8 zippered pockets
  • Padded rear position single carry strap

Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag

  • 9.5 11 inch 14 way top
  • 3 integrated molded grab handles
  • 9 pockets
  • 5 years manufacture Limited

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

  • 14 way dividers
  • Plenty of zippered pockets
  • Velcro glove holder
  • Golf towel ring, External umbrella strap

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

  • 5-way top with 2 full length dividers
  • Dual strap for balance comfort
  • 5 strategically placed pockets
  • 2 logo ready locations

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag w/6 Way Divider

  • 7 pockets on this bag
  • Featuring light weight of only 6lbs
  • Zipper pockets foradded storage
  • Bag Length: 32.5in

Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag

Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart BagGood golf bags don’t have to be expensive. That is the message with the Hot-Z Golf bag, a low priced stunner that packs a lot in the design department. It isn’t your typical golf bag with its black/orange/grey theme, and will stand out visually among other bags. For features it has a fourteen way separator top with putter pit. Eight nice sized pockets also includes the much coveted velour lined valuables pocket. But a nice feature that no one expected on this bag is the Velcro glove attachment. This is a surprisingly good value that turns out to be a lot more than nice looks.

Golfers that want to get a trendy looking golf bag with a lot of cool features. The stand out design of this golf bag will attract a lot of users to it. It is different than anything else available but also keeps a decent amount of usable features attached.


  • One of the best looking golf bags you’ll own
  • Surprising amount of space
  • Low price with good quality
  • Scorecard sleeve is in an accessible area
  • Velcro glove attachment is a nice touch


  • No full length dividers

Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag

Eagole Super Light Golf Cart BagCount this as another low priced golf bag with an impressive set of features. The difference between this bag and the first on the list comes down to the fourteen way full length dividers. Their inclusion puts this on a different level than other cheap bags, especially when you consider this is slightly lower in price. Available colors are red, white and black. Nine total pockets are available, with two of them functioning as full length apparel pockets on each side. The Super Light is the value of the century that has very few cons.

In an interesting twist, any golfer can reap the benefits of this model. Even professionals will find the usefulness of this bag to far exceed the price that is being asked. The biggest concern is quality, and for the most it delivers that without a problem.


  • One of the few cheap bags that even professionals can appreciate
  • Cooler pocket is huge (9x12x5)
  • Three molded grab handles for easy carrying
  • Long five year warranty out of the box
  • Super light nylon material
  • High quality rain hood is included


  • Long lasting ‘fresh from factory’ smell after unboxing

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf BagA standout in Prosimmon’s catalog is their Tour 14 way, available in black/blue, black/green, black/grey and black/red. There is a lot of space in this one bag, so if you tend to carry a lot of accessories then this is a nice value. Plenty of external options helps the case handle larger equipment, and that includes the umbrella strap and putter tube. With larger than normal putting heads, having the option to store them separately from other clubs is a good feature. The Tour 14 way is an underrated golf bag that buyers shouldn’t overlook. Even among the other choices on the list, it has a nice set of options to differentiate itself.

Beginners and intermediates that carry advanced clubs. Finding a bag that caters to players with larger clubs is important. If you also carry custom clubs then that is another reason why this bag would be a tremendous value. Professionals have better choices, but that has more to do with the divider setup of this model.


  • Slick looking design with multiple color options
  • External putter tube to accommodate larger than normal heads
  • Quality made Velcro glove holder


  • Fur lined valuables pocket is a step down from velour

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand BagIncluding a top quality Callaway golf bags is almost unfair to the other bags on the list. But it maintains the same low price point as the rest of the cheap bags, with the big difference being that it comes with much more refined features. Available colors are black/charcoal/orange, black/blue/white, black/red/white, black/white and white/black/pink. Although the five way divider system looks simplistic, it works really well if you don’t go overboard with equipment. This bag has the best stand legs on the list, making it highly unlikely that your equipment will tip over with strong winds. Buyers can have some of that one of a kind Callaway goodness at only a fraction of the cost.

Fans of the Callaway brand, first time golfers, beginners and some intermediate players. The five way divider system will keep this off the radar of professional players, but the current base of the bag is what makes up the upper tier series. So this really is just a smaller version of their best bags.


  • Full length apparel pocket
  • Same quality as Callaway’s upper tier models
  • Padded shoulder strap


  • Five way divider system

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag w/6 Way Divider

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag Way DividerThe last product on the list comes from Tangkula, which is remarkably the lowest priced bag on the list. Even with the drop down in quality from the Callaway bag, it is still an amazing deal and costs a lot less. Tangkula promises high grade water resistance and above average durability in this six pound bag. There is a six way divider at the top, so that gives buyers a space extra compared to the Callaway model. As for the legs, they are an anti-slip build that is surprisingly sturdy even when the bag is full. Usually bags this cheap are trash in quality, but the Tangkula proves that idea completely wrong.

Any beginning golfer will find this bag to be a value that can’t be passed up. The combination of features and price is something you don’t find in golf stand bags of this quality. Intermediates and professionals will be a bit turned off of the missing upper tier features (no rain hood, no glove holder etc.) but for every other golfer this is a solid deal.


  • Cheapest price on the list
  • Comfortable backpack style shoulder strap
  • Above average anti-slip stands


  • Missing a lot of middle and top tier features

Best Cheap Golf Bag Brands

Cheap Golf BagsThe biggest known name on the list is Callaway. It’s an interesting addition since they remain one of the top brands in the world to purchase golf equipment from. But that doesn’t mean they dominated the list! The lesser known brands on the list hold up quite well, and depending on what you want in a bag, outright beat the Callaway model. Buyers will have to decide whether it is worth it to deal with new and lesser known companies. Although the price/features are just right, you have to take quality, customer support and warranty departments into consideration. Saving money upfront by going with an unknown brand isn’t worth it if you don’t value the company. But it is equally as worthless to go with a brand based on their name only.

Cheap Golf Bag Designs

Design is the one area where cheap bags outshine the more expensive models. There are daring designs from brands like Hot-Z that stand out on a golf course. This is of course a good and a bad thing if you play on private grounds. Remember that there are enforced rules that may restrict what designs are allowed. On public courses things are a lot more relaxed, and that makes them the perfect place to show off your non-uniform golf bag. There are very few options for alternative designs with more expensive golf bags unless customization is offered. Sun Mountain golf bags is a good option as they have a wide range of golf bags to choose from.

Cheap Golf Bag Options

This of course refers to the old stand bag vs. cart bag debate. Usually the answer would be to buy both so you get the best features of each. But since this is about the best cheap golf bags, the idea of buying two of anything doesn’t make much sense if you are looking to save money. The next obvious option would be to buy a stand bag if you are doing a lot of walking and then buy a cart bag if you will be in the cart a lot. There are no hybrid bags on the list, so it really is simple to make a cheap buying decision that fits your play type.

Are Carrying Capacities Different?

Cheap Golf BagsWith some of the models on the list there is a big difference in carrying capacities when you compare them to other models in the inventory. A good example is the lone Callaway bag on the list which has noticeably less storage space than their other popular bags. This isn’t an entirely bad thing, and cuts out a lot of bulk. But for buyers that are looking for the most space possible, cheap options will be limited. There are still a couple of models on the list that get away with adding above average storage space without limiting other core features of the bag.


Let’s not beat around the bush; material quality is average to above average when buying a cheap golf bag. If you are trying to buy a golf bag that will last 10+ years, then it is better to invest in a higher tier. But for five years? That is totally possible with a cheap golf bag, and an amazing thing when you think about it. Most of the bags on the list use a tough nylon mix that is flexible yet sturdy. The material tends to be better for the cart bags on the list than the stand bags, as the extra flexibility makes some of the stand bag models less resistant to wind.

Comfort Features for Cheap Golf Bags

Common comfort features of cheap bags are usually associated with the carrying strap by means of double padding or different style straps. The backpack shoulder strap is a nice and underused touch of some of the cheap bags on the list. Since most of the cheap bags distribute weight differently than expensive bags, it is important to invest in the double padded (or similar design) carrying strap. This will make all the difference in the world when you’re on the golf course for hours at a time.

Best Features for Cheap Golf Bags

Cheap Golf BagsEven with the low price, cheap bags are the real deal. They keep a lot of the upper tier features while adding in a few special options of their own. It is a nice trade off where companies can try experimental options with some of their lesser known bags.

Better Look/Design – It’s been mentioned before, but needs to be said again; you’re not going to find a lot of experimental designs with higher priced bags. They usually adopt a uniform/professional look without getting too crazy with the design. If you want to stand out or be different, then this is the best buying choice.

Better For Kids/Women – If a female golfer is not a professional, then they are more likely to have less equipment. That means cheap golf bags are perfect since they are naturally smaller and have less space. Kids will also find some of the bags on the list easier to manage without being as featureless as ‘junior’ versions.

Water Resistance – Yes, some cheap golf bags have water resistance! This is another one of the premium features that deserves more marketing. If you get caught out in bad weather, the bag will get along just fine.


You can get great golf bags at an affordable price by following this list and look at the best golf brands. There are even some known golf brands throwing their weight around where it matters. By saving money on a golf bag, you can splurge a bit on other golf equipment that suits your current play type.


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