8 Best Women Golf Bags for 2019: Reviews & Guide

There was a time where the only available golf bags on the market were for men. Over the years options for women have increased, and now their bags are equally as useful as the men’s version. If you’re a looking for a cart golf bag or stand bag that is worth keeping, then this list has the best in the industry.

Top 8 Women Golf Bags

Women Golf Bags Comparison
Top Rated

Sun Mountain 2019 Womens Diva

  • 10 Pockets
  • 15 full length top divider
  • Dedicated Putter compartment
  • Weight: 6.5

Sun Mountain 2017 Womens S-1

  • Mid-size, lightweight cart bag
  • 9.5 inch top
  • Two lift-assist handles
  • 15-way Pockets: 7

OGIO Golf 2017 Duchess

  • 10in Uniter 15-way cart top
  • 6 zippered pockets
  • Low-profile OGIO Ball Silo
  • Putter pit has a lot of room

Cobra 2017 Ladies UL

  • 14-Way top
  • Water resistant fleece lined valuables pocket
  • Oversized Apparel pocket
  • Dual mesh Beverage pockets

Hot-Z Golf Ladies 2.5

  • Lightweight dobby nylon materials
  • 5 zippered pockets
  • 9 inch 14-­way graphite friendly
  • Two easy lift handles

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev

  • Heavy on Features, Light on Weight
  • 14-Way Top with Putter Well
  • Full Length Apparel Pockets
  • Glove Attachment and Pen Holder

Sun Mountain Golf- Ladies 3.5 LS

  • Weighing just 3.5 pounds
  • X-Strap Dual Strap System
  • Matching rainhood
  • Seven pockets

Sun Mountain 2019 Women’s Diva Cart Golf Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsSun Mountain Diva 2019 women’s golf bag is a stylish cart bag with many great features. This bag comes in seven different colors, has a reverse orientation, ten pockets that are all accessible when the bag is on a cart, full length 15-way top, and integrated handles to assist you when loading the bag on your cart. The 2019 model has two velour lined valuables pockets that should hold several items at once. The price for this bag is at the high end but with all it´s nice features it´s a decent buy for any golfer.

Beginner and intermediate golfers.  Ranking this against male bags of the same quality, it holds up well for daily play. Female golfers that want something fully featured will find it is just shy of their expectations.

  • 7 colors
  • 10 Pockets
  • 15 full length top divider
  • Weight: 6.5
  • Includes matching rainhood
  • Cart strap pass through is very well done
  • Dedicated Putter compartment

Sun Mountain 2017 Women’s S-1 Cart Golf Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsSun Mountain 2017 Women´s S-1 Cart Golf Bag is a lower priced bag from Sun Mountain. The difference is that this bag is mid-sized with a 9.5 inch top. This is just enough space for golfers that don´t need to carry a lot of equipment at once. The S-1 is the perfect size for all carts, and its light weight makes it easy to carry even when fully packed. A killer price and nice design are two of the top reasons to consider the S-1 a great women’s bag.

The S-1 will catch the eye of beginners and intermediate users. Buyers that like to carry a lot of things at once will find the space limiting, so professionals and some intermediate users won’t take to the S-1 as kindly. It’s still a nice bag to have as an option if you want to pack light for a quick round of golf.

  • Top notch design by Sun Mountain
  • Less than six pounds when empty
  • Easy to carry due to the two lift-assist handles and mid-size
  • Limited color options

OGIO Golf 2017 Duchess Cart Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsOgio makes their first appearance on the list with the super low cost Duchess Cart bag. This is an interesting pick for golfers that want something a little different from Ogio. It has six zippered pockets and a nice ten inch top. The Duchess is smaller than normal golf bags, but has a surprising amount of room for golf clubs with its fifteen way top. If design is something that helps make your buying decision, then the Duchess will be an easy purchase.

Definitely beginners and casual players. The lack of extra space will immediately turn off intermediate and professional players. But it isn’t as if the marketing for the Duchess is trying to attract hardcore golfers. This model knows it is meant for the casual crowd and only put added the necessities to its feature list.

  • Available in rictor or chateau designs
  • 15 way top
  • Putter pit has a lot of room
  • Ball silo is low profile
  • Detachable ball pocket is fully customizable
  • Valuables pocket uses fleece lining
  • Not nearly enough space with its six pockets

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Cobra 2017 Ladies UL Golf Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsThis 2017 bag is available in black/raspberry. Despite the interesting color names, it is a good looking bag with an average design. Its low cost is the main draw, and of course that shares attention with the oversized apparel pocket. Cobra built this bag with convenience in mind, so it also has dual beverage pockets and an easy to use cart strap through feature. All of the basic (and a few advanced) features are included, so for the most part it is a pretty above average golf bag for women. As a main bag, it is a solid choice for any golfer.

One could argue that this golf bag is useful to all female users, regardless of play levels. There is plenty of space throughout the bag and the convenience features are top of the line. With its low price, even as a backup bag it is a solid choice.

  • Oversized apparel pocket for your clothes and shoes
  • Dual mesh beverage pockets that can handle large bottles
  • Valuables pocket is both fleece lined and water resistant
  • Uninspiring design makes it look like every other golf bag in its price range

Hot-Z Golf Ladies 2.5 Cart Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsOne of the lowest priced bags on the list comes from Hot-Z Golf, and it is a surprisingly good choice. It’s available in ladies lace and lace blue/lime. The designs are great but a little out there for the average golf bag. But for casual players, it is a nice little touch with the different designs. On the feature front, the bag spots a fourteen way top and velour lined valuables pocket. The bag itself is made out of nylon materials, so is plenty light without any extra bulk. Although it is not for prime time players, this bag is a great value.

This bag is 100% for casual players and beginners. There are some nice features included that legitimizes it for daily play, but the limitations of the five pockets and overall space are hard to look past.

  • Extremely lightweight at only six pounds
  • One of the lowest priced bags on the list
  • Fourteen way top is made of graphite
  • Padded carrying strap doesn’t cut into your shoulders
  • All pockets are zippered
  • Nice looking rain hood cover
  • Not nearly enough space for serious golfers

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Cart Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsCallaway is the first bag on the list to really explore multiple color options beyond the norm. There are six to choose from, and they all have a unique quality with their design. Beyond the looks, this is another one of Callaway’s best, and sits right around the midrange price. A standout in the features department is the easy grab handle, useful for place and removing the bag from a cart. The toughness of the bag is nice, but nothing beyond the usual high grade standard of Callaway. The 2019 Chev is a solid bag that will give you years of value.

All golfing levels can appreciate this golf bag. It is roomy, has a lot of color choices and of course comes with the classic Callaway toughness. The price seems just right for what it offers, so consumers looking to try something close to the high end can use Callaway as an experiment.

  • One of the better design and color variations on the list
  • Awesome price for what is considered to be an upper tier bag
  • Dual apparel pockets are full length
  • Fourteen way full length divider
  • Tee pocket is only average in size

Sun Mountain Golf- Ladies 3.5 LS Stand Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsThis is the first truly high priced item on the list, and for good reason. The 3.5 LS is available in Storm-Niagara, red/navy/white and another different variation of storm/Niagara. Last year’s version of this bag was voted as the 2017 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for a carrying bag. The 3.5 for this year adds onto the legacy by improving the X-strap system and the comfort of the hip pad. And to accommodate the differences in size, the ladies version of this bag is one inch shorter. This is as close to perfection as you can get for a golf bag for women, and it is an easy top three pick.

Any female player that wants one of the best bags in the industry. The 3.5 LS is tailor made from the ground up to accommodate female players and their needs.

  • Four way top has full length dividers
  • Made an inch shorter than male version of bag so that it accommodates women
  • Thick high density foam is used for the carrying straps
  • Carbon fiber legs are lightweight but strong
  • Could have used an extra pocket or two

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Callaway Golf 2017 Chev Stand Bag

Best Women Golf Bags ReviewsThe 2017 Chev bag is an interesting addition to the list- it has a lot of features similar to the Chev carry bag. Available colors are black/silver/white, titanium/white/orange, white/red/titanium and white/teal/navy. The seven way top is quite nice for this size stand bag, with six huge pockets to accommodate accessory and extras. Like the other Chev version, there are plenty of comfort features built into this model like extra padding in the shoulder and hip pad area. Even with an ultra-high price, this is a worthy addition to the list.

Female golfers that want a high tier stand bag that is guaranteed to last for years. Any golfing level will appreciate having a roomy stand bag with high durability. With the built in comfort features, it is guaranteed to be a solid buy for any avid golfer.

  • High grade comfort features built into the straps and hip pad
  • Molded grab handle makes bag easy to carry
  • All six pockets are huge in size and can hold a nice amount of materials
  • Seven way top has full length club dividers
  • Price is highest on the list

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Women Golf Bag Buying Guide

Do Women Golf Bag Sizes Matter

Best Women Golf BagsSome of the brands on the list make it a point to change the size of their golf bags to accommodate a woman’s difference in size. This is a big deal for a female player that wants to be comfortable and not deal with a bag that is bigger than it needs to be. It also shows that the company put time and effort into their ladies golf bag version instead of doing a simple flip with the men’s counterpart. If there is a male version of the bag and they are exactly the same in size, then it is probably not worth your money. Read more golf equipment reviews here to find other equipment you might like.

Women Golf Bag Prices?

Prices on the list go from low to high, with about two of the bags on the list qualifying as high priced. Professionals will find the high priced items more enticing, but that doesn’t mean that consumers on a lesser golfing level can’t enjoy the purchase. When levels are referenced as far as bag usefulness, it factors in whether the extra features will be used by certain players. So if you’re a casual player, buying an expensive bag wouldn’t make any sense. But like all rules, there are exceptions.

Are Ladies Golf Bags Less Durable?

No, and that also applies to ladies bags that have male versions. The only major difference with ladies golf bags are smaller size, lighter weight and different color combinations. Other than that, they are exactly the same as any other golf bag on the market. With that in mind, women’s golf bags are a major value if you compare them directly to the top-rated golf bags for men. The most expensive ladies golf bag is nowhere near the price of the most expensive male version. Yet their durability is evenly matched, proving that the better overall value is usually the ladies version.


When companies started putting their money into ladies golf bags, a lot of wonderful new options became available. Whether on the low or high end, women now have their choice of feature rich golf bags that will fit any play style. It isn’t just about the design, as multiple companies have shown an actual interest in making quality ladies golf bags.