4 Titleist Golf Bags – Reviews & Guide

It’s always a good sign when a company can boast about golf professionals using their golf bags so if you are looking for the best golf bag on the market that might be a good indicator for you. That is the level of quality you’re dealing with if you decide to buy a Titleist product. Whether you are looking at low or high end golf equipment features, there will be a top three choice in every category.

4 Best Titleist Golf Bags

Titleist Men’s 14 Way Stand Bag

Titleist Golf BagsThe most surprising thing about the Men’s 14 Way Stand Bag is its price. It is one of the few low-priced golf bags that still has high quality and up to date features. The materials are top notch and designed with a sleek black look from top to bottom. Golfers can use the dual strap system for comfortable handling of the product, even when it is filled to the max. The stand system is balanced and will serve you well if you don’t have a caddy nearby to hold the bag. Similar systems are twice the price, so this is indeed a bargain for the ages.

Who’s It For?

Users that like high end bags but don’t want to overspend for their features. This is also a great back up bag for casual trips. Beyond the costs savings, buyers will enjoy the comfort features for carrying the bag.


  • Eight zippered pockets
  • Three open pockets
  • Stands aren’t cheaply made and keep the bag steady
  • The best value in the Titeleist catalog
  • Comes with a surprisingly good rain cover


  • Weighs 9.6 pounds so is one of the heavier bags available

Titleist Lightweight 4-Way Stand Golf Club Bag with Backpack Strap

Titleist Golf BagsThe last product on the list is ultra-low priced and aimed at casual players. The black/white/lime color scheme is a solid look, and blends in well with different styles. Like the previous bag, the stands keep everything steady when you don’t have a caddy as backup. But the main attraction of having this model (other than the price) is its low weight. It is only 5.7 pounds, so that can make a big difference during a long day of carrying. Even among the others on the list, this is a great deal if you’re a fan of the Titleist brand.

Who’s It For?

Casual players or new players that have never owned a golf bag before. This is a great starter golf bag that has everything a new player would need. It is definitely not for serious players or competition play, although the construction is similar to other Titleist products.


  • Lightest golf bag on the list
  • Double straps are removeable
  • Great golf bag for kids or teenagers that are new to the game
  • Stand is good quality and should keep bag steady most of the time


  • Light weight sometimes makes bag unbalanced when it is in stand mode

Titleist Club 14 Golf Cart Bag 2018

First on the list is the Club 14, a 2018 model available in a mixture of olive/white/black. It feels as good as it looks, with a fourteen-way top providing plenty of space for your golf clubs. The price is in the midrange, but close to being in the high-priced category. Comfortable top lift handles keep you from having to strain your hands to move the bag around. One of the better features of this bag is the magnetic valuables pocket, a high-end option found on tour inspired bags. For the price, this is the real deal and worth it for any golfer.

Who’s It For?

Golfer’s that want a golf bag with multiple features lifted directly from tour bags- but without the high price.  Lack of extra color options may make this a bad choice for casual users that like a little more flair in their golf bag design.


  • Great blend of colors with the white/olive/black
  • Top lift handles are sturdy but comfortable to use for prolonged periods
  • Plenty of pockets to store your valuables, including a rare magnetic pocket


  • Without any extra color options users won’t be able to match up their clubs/accessories

Titleist Club 7 Golf Cart Bag

Also available in the same midrange price is the Club 7 bag, something a little different than the first model. Featuring a black, red and white color scheme, it has a bold look that works well for many consumers. Pockets use a forward-facing design to keep you from guessing where they open. This is a big improvement for buyers that go reach for their accessories a lot. Both the pockets and overall bag materials are reinforced with abrasion resistance. This is the toughest Titleist bag on the list and is available at a very competitive price.

Who’s It For?

Golfer’s that are hard on their equipment. This bag was made for rough handling and can take a lot of punishment even if you’re a daily player. With the superior protection it offers, the bag is a solid long-term investment when buyers want a solid choice.


  • Great pocket design for easier access to personal items
  • Bold red/white/black design that stands out
  • Seven-way top cuff is an interesting new proprietary feature
  • Storage space is above average without making the bag too big


  • New proprietary top cuffs are great but may not be for every consumer


Titleist is a premiere brand for golf equipment and apparel. They are a subsidiary of Acushnet, and by that association fall under the Fila brand. That means they are represented by golf professionals currently on the tour. Titleist is the go to brand of multiple professionals and has extended their reach to beginners and casual players. Because Fila is such a world-renowned company, Titleist has access to major innovation with all of their new equipment. Titleist was founded in 1932 and is currently headquartered in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Best Features

Titleist has an entire range of top tier features that put the competition to shame. They tend to go all out with their golf bags so that the user has all the best features. Buyers that are looking for the most cutting-edge golf bags on the market will find that Titleist will meet their needs. A few of these things listed are even considered exclusive to the brand.

Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Designs – Carrying around a golf bag in the blazing hot sun can get tiring really quick. And with the addition of accessories and golf clubs, the weight can really bog you down over a long course. The light weight of Titleist golf bags will help you out even when the bag is overloaded with the best clubs in the business.

Stadry Construction – Durability isn’t even a concern thanks to the proven specifications of Stadry Construction. This sealed technology keeps the bag protected from outside elements, and even extends to the pockets and zippered areas. It is an all in one solution to keep the golf bag in the best condition possible. With Stadry Construction, your golf bag will last significantly longer than the competition when put in tough situations.

Cushioned Straps – Their convertible straps are cushioned and can be removed. This is a big feature for golfers with a lot of clubs to carry. With the majority of the weight being put on the shoulder while carrying, good straps become a necessary part of the buying process. The cushioned straps provided by Titleist are some of the best available and remain thick enough even when the bag is carrying its max weight value.

Waterproof – When there is a light rain out on the course, having a waterproof bag makes a world of difference. This protection extends to the areas with seam-sealed zippers to protect all accessories and valuables you store in its pockets. And if you just happen to get caught out in heavy rain, then the bag and its rain cover will provide adequate protection until you get off the course.

Varied Pricing – This is something you don’t see often in an international brand. Titleist has incredibly varied pricing ranging from low to high. What makes it so special is the quality and features extend to even their lowest priced golf bags. That makes it easier to look for a specific bag in their lineup since you don’t have to pay for features that you won’t use. It is a much better setup than paying for a low-priced bag and missing key features or a high-end bag and getting features you don’t want.

Better Solid Color Options – Color options with golf bags usually means multi-colored options. But with a little bit of research users can uncover a surprisingly deep list of limited alternative colors for some of their best golf bags. Currently green is a popular color and looks great with the right setup.

Magnetic Valuables Pocket – Some bags come equipped with this tour inspired feature. It keeps valuables from getting lost on accident and also makes it less likely to be the target of theft. The magnetic component is safe for phones and other electronics. Even so, users should check with the manual and make sure their product is safe from exposure.

Abrasion Resistance – There is nothing worse than getting rips or tears in your new golf bag. Titleist golf bags are resistant to the most common types of damage, and with light maintenance you’ll notice they last longer than the competition. That applies to all of their products regardless of the price.

Professionals That Use Titleist

The list is pretty impressive when you look at the current PGA tour. Brand ambassadors are Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. That is impressive on its own but doesn’t even include other roster greats like Bubba Watson, Kevin Kisner, or Paul Casey. They some really recognizable names on the list that are in the top ten, and the further out you get it still gets impressive. Titleist also covers PGA European players like Tommy Fleetwood, Henrik Stenson and Tyrrell Hatton.


Some of their bags don’t have universal/convertible straps. That means it is fixed for the right lead shoulder. Left handed users will be a bit uncomfortable in this situation, so before making a purchase check for compatibility.  On a different note, sometimes it isn’t clear whether the magnetic valuables pocket will be compatible with your specific device. In this case you have to contact the maker rather than Titleist since the technology is still considered new. Buyers that put their expensive electronics device into the pocket only to have it destroyed won’t be covered under their original warranty or Titleist.

Best Competitor

Sun Mountain comes to mind since they take up a lot of the mid-priced choices with golf bags. They are also an official PGA tour sponsored brand that has a lot of professionals backing it. Sun Mountain isn’t as ‘flashy’ as Titleist but there is no denying how similar the two brands are with features. They also stress test their bags to make sure it is built for years of heavy use. The main difference between the two companies is how they market their stand bags- Sun Mountain has the better selection while Titleist has better golf cart bags. Either choice will get you a solid purchase that is used by professionals worldwide.


It was already mentioned that durability is high for the products. Warranty coverage is standard across the board (for their bags) but is a little different than dealing with Fila directly. Since Titleist is its own branch, they have their very own customer service department. For customer service, they get an A+ for answering questions and dealing with issues. For wait times? It is a little up and down. Depending on when you call, the wait time can be four minutes or as much as half an hour. So, it is recommended to do all warranty inquiries online for the fastest service.


Titleist has a golf bag for golfers of every level, and any playing style. Their stand and cart bags are some of the best available in the industry.  Since they lack a lot of the cons that plague lesser brands, you can depend on them to protect your most expensive golf equipment.