5 PING Golf Bags Reviews

PING is a fantastic golf equipment and accessory manufacturer that started its humble beginnings in a garage. The one-man operation grew into something special, and now they are the go-to bag for users that want a great experience.  PING offers a lot of customization options at a price that is hard to ignore. You can also check out our article on the best golf bags for 2019  or read more golf reviews here.

5 Best PING Golf Bags

PING Golf Bags Comparison
Top Rated

PING Golf Mens DLX Cart Bag

  • Twin padded lift handles
  • Stowaway shoe pouches
  • Heavy duty material

PING Golf Mens Pioneer Cart Bag

  • Magnetic quick access pockets
  • 9 total pockets
  • Molded putter well

PING Traverse Cart Bag 2018

  • 14-Way Top
  • 4 Full-length dividers
  • 10 Total pockets
  • Single shoulder strap


  • 5-Way reinforced top
  • 7 Total pockets including water bottle pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder pads

PING 2018 Hoofer Carry Stand Golf Bag

  • a five-way top organizes clubs
  • A deployable rain hood
  • New strap connector eases on/off
  • Front-adjusting shoulder straps

PING Golf Men’s DLX Cart Bag

PING Golf Bags ReviewsThe DLX is available in black or white at a high price. Its sleek look is the first thing you’ll notice when comparing it to other golf bags at the same price. Even the white version of the bag has a nice sprinkle of black accents that really help it stand out in a professional setting. As for features it has areas for your shoes and a pair of heavy duty lift handles for carrying it along a course. For a full featured bag that looks the part, the DLX is one of PING’s best.

Who’s It For?

If you’re interested in the PING brand and this is your first golf bag, then the DLX is a good place to start. It has all of the core features you’ll need and introduces a few proprietary PING features. New users won’t be overwhelmed with this bag.


  • An incredible looking bag
  • Stowaway shoe pouch handles large sizes
  • Front zipper ball pocket can be customized
  • Great size for the price
  • Full length separation between the clubs
  • Surprisingly lightweight despite the size
  • Stronger material than other golf bags


  • Price may be slightly out of reach for beginners that want something simple

PING Golf Men’s Pioneer Cart Bag

PING Golf Bags ReviewsThe Pioneer has some fun colors and is a mid to high priced bag. Available colors are; birdie blue/black/white, black and navy/black/white. Its variation of colors is a nice touch since it is much different from the rest of the choices in their lineup. Pioneer cart bags come equipped with nine pockets and a molded putter well. With the addition of magnetic pockets to the total, users can protect valuables like cell phones, small tablets and keys. No matter which color you choose, this is a great overall deal.

Who’s It For?

This is the updated version of the Pioneer series, and with it there are a lot of improvements for intermediate and professional users. Most of these improvements have more to do with customization than quality of life. So, beginners will find the bag has a lot more than what they need, while everyone else will love the additional upgrades.


  • Soft touch life handles
  • Water resistant velour lined pockets
  • Magnetic pockets
  • Only weighs seven pounds
  • Separate liners for each club keeps things simple
  • Clubs stay in place during heavy movement


  • Carry strap is good but not great

PING Traverse Cart Bag 2018

PING Golf Bags ReviewsOne of the better buys on the list is the mid-priced Traverse golf bag from PING. Buyers can get it in up to ten different colors, something that really helps sell it to casual users. The separate rangefinder pocket is sized perfectly while the velour lined valuables pocket is enhanced with a key clip. There are two different apparel pockets to keep your clothes at the ready. This is a great all in one golf bag that really goes the extra mile in giving users what they need the most.

Who’s It For?

The price and color options will endear it to beginners while the deep features will make intermediate and professional users more likely to keep it long term. With everything the Traverse has, it is hard not to make a comparison to more expensive bags. For the average golfer, this will be more than enough.


  • Spacious fourteen-way top
  • Air-mesh cushioned dividers to protect your equipment
  • Gusseted ball pocket with a drop-down feature
  • Apparel pockets are some of the best created by PING
  • Great price for premium features
  • Plenty of colors to choose from


  • Polyester material is good but lacks the punch of their usual offerings


PING Golf Bags ReviewsThis is the lowest priced golf bag on the list and an incredible value. The Hoofer lite is rugged, strong and weighs only eight pounds. Most of the features included in this set boosts comfort to help users carry it for hours at a time. Items like the cushioned hip pad give additional support when carrying a full bag. The adjustable shoulder pads feature SensorCool Technology that helps when carrying the bag in sweltering heat. With all of the convenience features of Hoofer lite, buyers will get the very best from PING.

Who’s It For?

Golfers of all levels will get a lot out of this golf bag. Comfort features are appreciated at all levels, especially on long courses where heavier equipment becomes a chore to carry. The more golfing club and accessories you own the bigger a value this bag will be as a purchase.


  • Lowest priced golf bag on the list
  • Clubs are protected with the strong four-way top
  • Water bottle pocket is conveniently located so you can stay hydrated without stopPING


  • The included stands are only average for holding the bag up

PING 2018 Hoofer Carry Stand Golf Bag

PING Golf Bags ReviewsBuyers that consider Hoofer lite to be on the light side will end up preferring the full featured Hoofer. It retains the low price of the smaller bag while adding a lot more space. Available colors are black, black/white/canyon/copper, graphite/black/red, graphite/silver/blue and navy/white red. The cart strap pass-through channel keeps the pockets accessible at all times. Although it is slightly heavier than the Hoofer lite, the weight is balanced thanks to the front-adjusting shoulder pads. And if you get caught out in bad weather the rain hood will keep the water away from your clubs. This is a nice upgrade from the Hoofer lite and worth a look if you need more space.

Who’s It For?

This bag is for fans of the Hoofer lite that want more space. So, by extension, this is a golf bag that is suitable for every golfing level. It’s a really good bag at a price that makes it a stand out in the PING catalog.


  • Plenty of color options
  • Low price
  • Big jump in features from the 2016 model to the 2018 version
  • Rain cover is high quality


  • New strap connector takes a while to figure out

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PING is an American based golf equipment company that was founded by Karsten Solheim. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona and have been in business since 1959. Solheim is a former engineer of the General Electric company, so applying his experience from one industry to another took a lot of work. The inspiration for the company came from the idea that putters in the current era were no good. The first model created by the company (PING 1A) was a success and also helped to create the name of the company. With PING entering the golf industry as a club maker, it was only natural that they would transition to golf equipment and accessories. Top players began to show interest in the putters when the first PGA Tour victory using a PING putter was recorded in 1962. Although their equipment and accessory division was slow to take off compared to their putters, they have since become a popular brand to use for beginners, intermediate and professional players.

Best Features

There are plenty of PING golf bags and cart bags that are worth looking into. Many of their best choices are updated versions of popular models. The 2018 models have already gained popularity and are considered some of the best refreshes in the industry.

Light Versions– PING makes full versions of their bags and lite versions. The Hoofer series and Monsoon series are great examples of bags that really shine throughout their many different iterations. That means an avid golfer or a casual fan can enjoy a full featured bag that caters to their playing style.

Customization – Customization options can be small like pocket designs or large like with their Mascot Team bags. These specialized bags are only available to golf team members or coaches. They can add personal logos, lettering and even color displays that work with the team’s theme. It is a one of a kind bag that really develops its personality based on the individual using it.

Reinforced Tops – The best thing about this feature is that it keeps things roomy while also protecting the clubs. There is an integrated handle to help when lifting that doesn’t get in the way of club organization. For top tier club management, this is one of the best available.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps – Cushioned and flexible, they usually come in a pair to help with extra heavy equipment. This system is efficient and optimizes the balance of the entire bag. So even if everything comes out top heavy, you’ll be able to carry in comfort.

Leg Stops – Having leg brackets to hold the bag in place is a nice touch, but it doesn’t matter if stability is lacking. Most of the PING bags with leg brackets also come with built in leg stops so that everything remains upright on all surfaces. In windy conditions, this feature is a must for keePING your bag off the ground.

Good Variety Of Colors – This is still one of the most overlooked features from minor and major manufacturers of bag. Color variation can make or break a purchase, but thankfully it is something PING has a lot of. The bulk of their major bags really go deep with offering consumers a lot of choices with the final look.

Cushioned Hip Pad – The cushioned hip pad is one of those small differences that changes the way you look at golf bags. Instead of friction and a hard surface grinding against your hips, users will get soft padding on when carrying PING bags. Even if you tend to carry light, this is a still considered an important feature.

Cart-Strap Channel – With cart strap pass-through abilities the bag stays secured to the cart and still gives you full access to all pockets.

Professionals That Use PING

PING has pros on both the PGA and LPGA tours. Bubba Watson and Brooke Henderson are the headliners, respectively. Although these two are the most popular to use the brands, their actual brand ambassadors are Todd Anderson, Chris Como, Chris DiMarco, SashoMacKenzie, Andrew Rice and Stan Utley. Due to the popularity of the PING putter, in 1975 the PING Gold Putter Vault was created. Two gold plated replicas are created for every win by a tour pro using the PING putter.

Best Competitor

Sun Mountain is a name that often comes up when comparing golf bags with PING. Potential buyers of PING should be aware that older versions of Sun Mountain golf bags were clear winners, but the new 2018 crop is a different story. It seems both companies are now tied, and as more reviews come out, PING could very well pull ahead and become the better choice. The two biggest things Sun Mountain had over PING was customization and color variety. The updated catalog of PING shows that this is no longer a weakness in their catalog.


Getting in contact with support is easy whether it is over the phone or through email correspondence. Their warranty department is helpful, fast and gets to the point. Their website has a FAQ that is probably the best of its kind, answering questions for all of their products with a neat, clean layout. The warranty is standard for its kind, covering two years for all their bags. Durability for their products are above average, so for years of use it will do the job just fine.


You have the option of getting a good deal with PING’s golf cart bags or stand bags. Both sets are proven to be worth the price, even with stiff competition from other companies. Even if you haven’t purchased their clubs, the bags will be more than enough to make you a fan of the company.