6 Best TaylorMade Golf Bags 2022 Guide

When TaylorMade starts a marketing campaign, everyone in the industry turns their head. They are that big of a name draw and sponsor some of the greatest athletes of all time.

With their 2022 lineup already showing great promise, now is the perfect time to upgrade your golf bag. Their wide assortment of choices will keep even the pickiest of consumers busy for hours.

6 Best TaylorMade Golf Bags

TaylorMade Golf Bags Comparison





TaylorMade Supreme 2018 Golf Cart Bag

  • Fade-resistant UV fabric

  • 5 front pockets for quick access

  • Wear tough 15-way top mesh

  • 10-coil extra-strength zippers

TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

  • Cart strap pass-through

  • 5 front pockets for quick access

  • Lightweight design: 5.5lb

  • 2 micro-suede lined pockets

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Stand Golf Bag

  • 14-Way Top Provides a Slot for Every Club

  • Easy Access to All Pockets; 10 Pockets

  • Insulated water bottle pocket

  • Full-length dividers

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Stand Golf Bag

  • Has an insulated valuables pocket

  • Made out of high-quality materials

  • Will stand up on its own

  • Can be strapped to a cart easily

Taylor Made Flextech Lite Stand Bag

  • Water resistant pocket

  • Dual density comfort strap

  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

  • Bag Features: 14 way top

  • This bag has seven pockets

  • 1 valuables pocket for your phone

  • It comes in a variety of colors

TaylorMade Supreme 2018 Golf Cart Bag

TaylorMade Supreme 2018 Golf Cart Bag

The attention grabbing Supreme 2018 is well worth the price (middle of the pack) and comes in the following colors; black, black/red, blue, gray/blue, gray/orange and navy.

It is a nice assortment of colors to satisfy the design priorities of any golfer. The mesh fifteen way top holds a variety of clubs and is the perfect material if you’re looking for longevity without sacrificing protection.

That seems to be the theme of the bag, as it continually holds its color thanks to the fade resistant UV fabric. A superior design and nice storage space remains the top reasons to purchase this bag.

Golfers of all levels will get plenty of use out of this bag. It is affordable and not too complicated for beginners that have a lot of clubs. For professionals, the extra storage space will be comparable to their most expensive bags, new or old.sta

  • Five easily accessible front storage pockets
  • Six great colors to choose from
  • Mesh top protects expensive clubs and is built to last 3x longer than competing materials
  • Ten total pockets with zip off pocket panels
  • Umbrella slot is a bit small

TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

Whenever you see the word ‘lite’ in a golf bag model, you already know what to expect. TaylorMade changes the formula up a bit and goes further than making yet another light golf bag.

The Cart Lite is a low priced option available in black, black/red, gray/blue, gray/orange, light gray/white, navy/gray and teal/black. Instead of stripping down the bags weight by limiting pocket space, they instead used lightweight materials.

It still has fourteen full length dividers, ten pockets and a top that is optimized for push carts. The Cart Lite is much more than a low weight golf bag and is worth its value.

Buyers that want a lightweight golf bag without sacrificing a lot of pro features or space. The Cart Lite is a full feature golf bag that doesn’t cut any corners to provide golfers with the best experience possible. Beginners will also be comfortable with the portable cart-friendly design.

  • Integrated trunk handle
  • Only five total pounds
  • Crush resistant without sacrificing flexibility
  • Comfortable single shoulder strap with padding
  • One of the lowest prices on the list
  • Custom embroidery possible with the zip off panels
  • Micro-suede valuables pocket is just that- too small

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag


The crossover feature of this stand golf bag is great because it distributes the weight of the bag and clubs, making it a lot easier to carry. Attaching the bag to a cart is also a breeze, and the pockets are strategically placed for easy access from the golf cart.

There are ten total pockets on this golf bag, which means that there is ample room for carrying all sorts of accessories with you on the course. One of the best pockets that is featured on this bag by Titleist is the cooler pocket.

Some golf bags do not have a cooler pocket for your drinks, but this TaylorMade golf bag is outfitted with an extra large cooler pocket that will fit your drinks and your snacks.

There are dividers inside of the main bag that go fourteen ways. Dividers are great for keeping the clubs separate and not allowing them to rub against each other too much.

Some bags do not come with dividers, but this bag is fully outfitted with them to protect your clubs. The bag comes in five different colors including classic black and the fabrics used are durable and weather resistant.

  • There are dividers for fourteen clubs
  • There is a water bottle pocket
  • There is a valuables pocket
  • There is an extra large cooler pocket
  • The bag comes in different colors
  • Has legs to keep it standing up
  • The amount of pockets might make it bulky to carry

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Stand Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Stand Golf Bag

Some TaylorMade bags only come in neutral colors such as black or grey, but the Flextech comes in a variety of colors including red and blue. This is just one of the features that sets this bag apart from the other TaylorMade bags on this list.

While some of the other bags feature an individual section for each club, this golf bag has four sections to organize the clubs. It is a “stand” gold bag which means that it is made to stand up on its own.

One of the main issues with golf bags is how easily they fall over, but with a high-quality stand bag such as this one by TaylorMade you will never have to worry about it falling over again.

This is a high-quality bag made out of top of the line materials. It will not easily wear or tear, even when exposed to the elements or harsh weather. In the rain or elements your valuables will continue to be protected when stored in one of the many pockets as it is lined and the bag is made with weatherproof fabrics.

  • Has an insulated valuables pocket
  • Made out of high-quality materials
  • Will stand up on its own
  • Can be strapped to a cart easily
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • There is not a cooler pocket for drinks

Taylor Made Flextech Lite Stand Bag

Taylor Made Flextech Lite Stand Bag

The last bag on the list is also the lowest priced bag from TalorMade. It is a lite version of the previous Flextech model, adopting a smaller size while keeping some essential features. There is no need to recap the colors, as the originals are also available with this model.

It also inherits many of the pros of the Flextech like the full length dividers, zip-off ball pocket and insulated water bottle pocket. The last feature is the most impressive since it fits a full sized water bottle. Limited space isn’t always a bad thing, as the Flextech lite proves to be a great buy for beginner players.

Definitely beginners. When you don’t have a lot of starting equipment, this is the perfect bag to bring out to the course. But even intermediate players will find this bag a bit limiting in what it can do.

  • Lowest priced bag on the list
  • Great beginning bag that has a decent amount of space
  • Same design/colors available as the original Flextech
  • Comfort strap is dual density to help with heavy equipment
  • Even with the Flextech stand system this version of the bag may tip over from strong winds

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

The 2019 cart bag by TaylorMade is one of the best cart bags they have released yet. It easily straps onto the cart and will not slide around, twist, or move.

It has plenty of storage for all of your things and the inside is divided up into sections to protect your clubs from rubbing against each other too much or getting mixed up.

If you want to store your valuables safely while you are golfing a bag like this is perfect because it is outfitted with a valuables pocket for your cell phone that is lined for protection.

All of the seven pockets are positioned so that they can be easily reached from the cart. It is one of the more lightweight models of cart bags that they have released as well, at only five pounds. You can easily lift this bag by the handles or strap when it is not strapped to the cart.

  • This bag has seven pockets
  • There is a lined valuables pocket for your phone
  • It is made out of high quality materials that will last
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • There is not a cooler compartment
  • The design is a little bulky with all the pockets

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TaylorMade Golf Bags

Based in Carlsbad, California, the TaylorMade Golf Company is best known for providing high quality golf equipment to Tiger Woods. Yes, that Tiger Woods. He is their biggest Tour Professional and is followed closely by Rory McIlroy.

Their roster of sponsors/professionals is huge, and covers multiple divisions with bags, accessories and clubs. Despite being a big name draw for professionals, TaylorMade is a unique golfing company since they also have a large consumer following. Everyone wants to play with TaylorMade gear, and for good reason.

Best Features

You’ll find a lot of really cool features in TaylorMade bags that aren’t available from other competitors. It’s not just this modern take on bags that has made them a popular company, but also their insistence on improving comfort options. Their bags are always light, roomy and priced well against competitors.

Price/Value – The fun thing about a TaylorMade bag is that if you spend a lot of money on it, then you know the value is there. Their bags are priced very well while including some really cool features.

Some of these features are high end and can be found on mid-priced bags. You’re more likely to find a diamond in the rough with their catalog than any other company.

Great Balance – All of their stand bags comes with a variant of the Flextech stand system. The legs are sturdy, strong and (depending on the bag) resistant to strong winds. That’s a big deal for any golfer, and also a guaranteed buy if the bag ticks all the other checkboxes.

Comfort Straps – Carrying around a full golf bag with uncomfortable straps will wear on your shoulders. The dual density straps with extra cushion from TaylorMade is perfect for golfers that pack a lot of equipment. With it, you’ll never have to leave any heavy items at home.

Multiple Color Options – This isn’t tied to their most expensive bags, either. Buyers will have plenty of color options for many different models. And when you factor in the customizable options (ball pocket) then the designs are really one of a kind.

Micro Suede Lining – The only comparable material in golf bags would be velour lining. Both are fantastic choices, but micro suede lining just adds that extra bit of quality to each of their bags. With high water resistance, it is the complete package.

Best Competitor

Callaway is one, but the more likely competitor is Ping. Sun Mountain is brought up often, but Ping Golf Bags have the most similar features when you compare them to TaylorMade. In fact the two companies are so popular that entirely different divisions are compared with one another.

There are countless videos and articles reviewing their clubs, accessories and bags against one another. The never ending debate of which company has the best driver continues to rage on even while other companies step their game up.


You haven’t experienced true durability until you’ve tried a TaylorMade golf bag. An interesting point golfers make about their experience is how the bag can take heavy abuse regardless of the type. So hybrid, cart and stand bags are equally durable even if they tend to be made differently.

Removable parts like the ball pocket tend to last just as long as the static parts. Zippers don’t snag or get stuck, so a lot of the annoying parts of owning older bags don’t even apply when you have a TaylorMade model.

Light Alternatives

Usually when you go with a light golf bag there are some major trade offs in functionality. TaylorMade does a good job keeping that to a minimum and not penalizing players that want a lighter golf bag. It works out really well, especially since the lighter bags tend to cost less than the full size bags.

It’s one of the best kept secrets of the brand and one of the major reasons why they are so consumer friendly. Players of any level that want a light bag without sacrificing too much of the full bag experience will find TaylorMade’s choices to be much more aligned with their needs.


All of the available choices can be daunting for a first time buyer of golf bags. The good news is that if it is from TaylorMade, then there really isn’t a bad buying choice. Golfers worldwide know the brand well and have no problems finding the perfect match for their equipment.

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