Best Golf Putters 2022 – Top Picks and Comparison

Picking the best golf putter for your game can mean the difference between being the best player you can be, and being a mediocre version of your best self. If you play par-golf then 50% of your strokes are going to come from putting.

If you do not play par-golf, then more than 50% of your shots will be on the putting green. All great players know that the perfect putter could be the most valuable club in your entire bag. Decades ago golf putters used to be very simple.

Today, there are thousands of different models and thousands of different options when it comes to choosing the perfect putter for you. Between face insert technology, plumber neck shafts, bent neck shafts, long putters, mallet style, blade style, face weight balance, and many more choices, you must know what options are right for you.

The best putter for you may be different than the best putter for your friend. After learning about what certain features do, you will be more inclined to know what the right choice is.

Best Golf Putters

Golf Putters Comparison





TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter, Uniflex

  • Tremendously high MOI in a blade-style head--5200

  • PureRoll Surlyn® insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel

  • White leading edge make aiming easy

Odyssey Men’s Versa 7

  • High Contrast Alignment accentuates face angle at address

  • New and improved White Hot insert is highly engineered

  • Tour Proven and Inspired Head Shapes

New Taylor Made Golf 2014

  • 15", 130-gram grip counterbalances putter

  • Counterbalanced putting method is 50-60%

  • Pure Roll Surlyn insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel

Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 7 Putter

  • New and Improved White Hot Pro Insert

  • New Laser Milling Insert Cutting Process

  • Tour Proven and Inspired Head Shapes

  • Adjustable Weighting System

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona 12 Putter

  • Matte black finish for reduced glare

  • Milled 6061 aluminum insert for tour inspired feel and sound

  • Tour validated shapes provide confidence at address

Nike Golf Men’s Method Core 01 Weighted Putter

  • Shaft Material-Steel; Tour Weighting for optimal forgiveness

  • Heel-Toe sole weights

  • Lustrous tour satin chrome finish

  • Mid-size Method Core grips

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR Series Putter

  • Over-sized head provides more distance and control

  • Unique alignment feature

  • Soft mid-size grip improves comfort and feel

  • Matching headcover included

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.0 Putter

  • At over 8,500 MOI the DLL

  • Counterbalanced DLL is 60% more stroke-stable

  • 395 gram head helps counterbalance the putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

  • The PGX putter features a precise white finish which stands

  • This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus

  • Includes custom PGX headcover

  • Putter length 34"

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter

  • Faster, more reliable alignment onevery putt

  • Consistent RollCopolymer face insert enhancesfeel and sound

  • Options for Different Strokes

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter, Uniflex

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter, Uniflex

The TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter is one of the strangest and moist unique putters you will see on the market today. This mallet style putter really does resemble the shape of a spider. With a high contrast white and black top finish this putter makes it extremely easy to stay centered and focused on your target line.

This model is very popular for belly putters and pendulum putters because the face is designed to stay very stable throughout impact. With counterweights strategically placed to balance the blade of the spider, it is 50% more stable at the moment of impact, than traditional putter designs.

Like most TaylorMade putters, the daddy Long legs features, “Pure Role Surlyn,” insert face technology. When you combine all of Taylormades’ standard putt-aiding technology, with the twist resistance and distance control this head design offers, you end up with one of the most intriguing putters on the market.

The TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter is for people who want an out of this world putter design that can also tremendously help their golf games.

Odyssey Men’s Versa 7

Odyssey Men’s Versa 7

The Odyssey Men’s Versa 7 White Hot Insert Putter features an ultrahigh contrast aim point. This acclimates your eyes to the correct set up and puts you in the correct position you need to be in, in order to hit square putts.

With the white on black finish your eyes will easily be able to ensure that you are lined up properly and that you have a better chance of making every putt.

The face insert in this Odyssey putter is the secret behind its success. The white hot insert technology gets the golf ball rolling faster and more accurately from the very beginning.

The moment the putter strikes the golf ball, the golf ball, on a microscopic level, compresses and attains a slight forward role directly off of the face. This type of technology ensures that your putts do not skid across the green and that they roll on their true line.

The Odyssey Men’s Versa 7 White Hot Insert Putter will help you keep more putts on-line and lower your score at the same time.

New Taylor Made Golf 2014 White Smoke IN-12 Putter

TaylorMade Golf White Smoke Putter

The New TaylorMade Golf 2014 White Smoke IN-12 Putter takes a classic approach to golf putting technology. This putter features a charcoal black finish with pearl white accents and an alignment guide to help you perceive your putting line more accurately.

The face technology in this putter involves a, “Pure Role Surlyn,” feature that grabs the cover of your golf ball. This is advantageous because the longer the golf ball is in contact with the putter face, the faster and more efficiently the golf ball will begin to roll.

This counterbalanced putter head offers 50 to 60% higher stability than traditional putters on the market. Your strokes stability and golf ball role will never be higher than with this TaylorMade putter.

The 130 g grip that comprises this putter’s handle, perfectly counterbalances the head weight so that your stroke is smooth. The New Taylor Made Golf 2014 White Smoke IN-12 Putter takes the look of a traditional putter and applies modern day technology to it.

Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 7 Putter

The Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 7 Putter gives us a very traditional Mallet type look. This putters design is simple and clean. Three long, straight, white lines ensure that you are lined up to hit the most perfect putt that you can.

With the new and improved laser milled insert combination you will roll putts online, each and every time. This pro insert is the same technology that PGA professionals are using to shoot their lowest scores.

Along with a top-quality insert, this putter delivers an adjustable weight framework that allows you to correct pulled and pushed putts. If you want a fully customized, weighted feel, then this is probably the putter for you.

The gunmetal PVD finish that this putter has is one of the cleanest finishes available. The Odyssey men’s White Hot Pro 7 putter will deliver everything you need in an overall great, flat stick.

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona 12 Putter


The TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona 12 Putter has flipped traditional color schemes on their head. This putter has a highly contrasting white top finish with a dark black bottom sole.

The alignment section of this putter is also black, which helps give contrast to where the putter is lined up and where your body is aimed. The Daytona 12 has a classic shape design with unconventional technology, all tied together. This putter was so seductively crafted that many people refer to it as a work of art.

“New pure role insert,” technology has allowed this putter to perform like its modern day counterparts, while still looking like the traditional putter we all know and love.

If you want the best that technology has to offer but still want the traditional shape that putters have always been built in, then this is probably the right option for you. The TaylorMade Ghost Tour Daytona 12 Putter is the newest in a long line of phenomenal TaylorMade products.

Nike Golf Men’s Method Core 01 Weighted Putter

Nike Golf Men’s Method Core 01 Weighted Putter

The Nike Golf Men’s Method Core 01 Weighted Putter is one of the best putters that also offers sufficient forgiveness. This putter has weighted technology in the heel and toe.

These two weighted locations offer unmatched face stability, which is perfect for the modern day amateur. Nike offers a poly metal groove technology face insert, which rivals any other top manufacturers face insert performance.

Nike really kept an eye on an appealing design when they chose their tour satin chrome finish as the main color scheme for this putter. This is the same putter that Tiger Woods and many other PGA Tour professionals prefer to use.

The clean finish and excellent craftsmanship make this putter an easy choice for someone who wants to feel like Tiger Woods whenever they are out there on the course.

The Nike Golf Men’s Method Core 01 Weighted Putter is the go-to putter for any Nike sponsored professional golfer. It can also be the go-to choice for you, even if you don’t have those large sponsorship deals.

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR Series Putter

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR Series Putter

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR Series Putter is not a name brand putter. However, the cheaper price point makes it a great alternative for people who may not be able to afford a top-of-the-line model. The Silver Ray SR series has a similar design to the daddy Long legs putter offered by TaylorMade.

The difference between these two putters is that this putter does not have the advanced face insert technology or premium color contrast design that comes standard in a brand-name putter.

This set up is idea for the beginner golfer. The head is strategically weighted to develop and in turn, make anyone’s stroke more solid. The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR Series Putter is a wonderful option if you don’t want to break the bank on buying a brand name putter.

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.0 Putter

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.0 Putter

The TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.0 Putter is the next version of the original TaylorMade Daddy Long legs putter. This updated version offers the most stable head Taylormade has ever designed.

At the moment of impact this beast delivers the most stable and solid stroke you may ever experience. This 2.0 model has inverted the traditional white and black contrasting color scheme.

This inversion causes the eyes to easily and readily distinguish incorrect set up and alignment, from the correct set up and alignment.

If you can get your initial setup correct, then this 395 gram putter head will ensure that you always stroke perfectly in line with your intended target. If you prefer long putters over shorter putters than this may be something you definitely want to look into.

Many top tour professionals use the daddy Long legs 1.0 or 2.0 in order to consistently be the best putters in the world. The TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.0 Putter offers an updated feel to a classic TaylorMade legend that we all know and love.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter is a great beginner golf club. Although Pinemeadow is not a household name in the golf industry the quality of this putter speaks for itself. The precise, pearl white finish drastically stands out against a confusing background.

This semi-mallet style putter offers a very stable stroke, especially for amateurs struggling on the putting greens. A 380 g head gives you an extra 40 g of weight, offering you tour like feel, even at this putters rock-bottom price.

This putter can especially help on the very fast greens that are popping up all around the world. Amateurs who have a hard time controlling distance when they putt should look into getting a model just like this.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter is great for beginners and amateurs who are looking to improve their putting at the fastest rate possible. After getting great with this generic brand putter, many golfers can graduate to a more house-hold brand.

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter is a totally different putter than what most people are used to. This putter combines white square alignment aid guides, with a mallet head.

This unique styles is not seen anywhere else in the golfing world. Cleveland golf is a household name in the golfing industry and with this putter they produce one of the most radically different designs ever seen.

The majority of this putter is dark charcoal black, with the only contrast coming from the two alignment squares located on top. Unlike its white circular contemporaries, this mallet design gives you right angles to base your judgment off of.

Cleveland Golf calls this new alignment visual their, “Dual Axis Alignment,” system. This new advancement does two things; one, it helps you line your putts up faster, and two, it is so much more reliable than any other aiming system out there today.

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter and its, “Consistent Roll Copolymer face insert,” will give golfers of all levels the ability to putt like a world champion.

Golf Putters Buying Guide

All in all, the putter that you are going to want to buy is going to be the putter that you’re most comfortable hitting. If you like the look and feel of one putter design, then figure out how to get it tailor-fitted to your body type.

Some people may like a mallet style better than a traditional blade style putter. Some people may like an anchored belly putter more than they do the traditional short style. Whatever your preferences are, decide on those and then get that particular putter fitted to your physical shape and size.

The art of putting is where you are going to save the majority of your strokes. With that being said, you really need to think about the putter you are using and the better options that are available out there.

Price Point

There is a very large price range for great putters on the market. Brand-name putters are always going to be more expensive than off brand putters are. The difference is quality related. The lesser known brands will still offer quality products, but it won’t be what the best players in the world are using.

If you are a beginner, go with a cheaper alternative and then as you get better you will be able to upgrade to a more professional putter. This will save you money in the long run as it will help you develop a personal opinion on what style and feel you prefer.

If you are at the more advanced level in your golf game then I suggest you always choose a brand-name putter. The reason behind this suggestion is that these companies put tremendous resources into developing best in the world technology. Serious golfers know that at this level even the minutest details can make a drastic difference.

Alignment and Visual

Alignment and Visual

When it comes to actually delivering a putting motion, the alignment and visuals you receive from the design of your putter can have a drastic impact on how well you perform. Blade style putters will usually be harder to keep aligned and harder to keep stable for the weekend amateur.

Mallet style putters will usually be easier to keep on line, but you will also suffer from a lack of, “feel.” When looking for the best alignment aid on a putter you must take into account what your eyes prefer.

Never take the decision of the putter you choose to play, too lightly. Do you prefer lines or shapes? Do you prefer black or white? Do you prefer consistency or contrast? These are all questions you certainly need to take into account when deciding on the right look and feel for your putter.

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Face Insert and Club Head Weighting

Nowadays, almost all the best putters on the market are going to utilize some sort of face insert technology. All of the top brands have their own unique design when it comes to where the golf ball strikes the putter face.

Some top golf brands prefer grooves while others prefer no grooves. Many companies will argue whether or not grooves noticeably aid in the art of putting but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Club head weighting will also be another very personal choice when it comes to deciding on the best putter for you. Large mallet putters can offer a variety of different weighting configurations.

Even many blade putters today offer heal and toe weighting combinations. The only thing that will matter when figuring out your personalized weighted set up, will be what your common tendencies are. If you either pull or push a lot of pots, then you will readily be able to figure out what weighting configuration best fits you.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are many, many different combinations and setups that you could have for your own putter. If you research and find features that you like or love, then be sure to include those in your next putter.

When you find a putter that you love to practice with you will slowly start to see your handicap go down in your overall golf game improve. Buying a new putter today may just be the best choice you make in a long time.

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