Ogio Silencer Stand Bag Review 

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Last Updated:  01/19/2020

By  John

Ogio Silencer Stand Bag

  • 9.5in Wooden top
  • Walking accessible insulated water bottle pocket
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket
  • 7 pockets (6 zippered)

When a company that specializes in a multitude of things decides to make the best looking golf bag, what happens? The 2018 Ogio Silencer is an upgrade of the 2017 model that enhances a lot of features that made the original a big hit.

Ogio Silencer Stand Bag

One of the coolest nicknames for a golf bag ever comes from Ogio. The Silencer is a midrange priced stand bag that is considered a product under the radar. Not a lot of people know about it, but it is still a solid buy. Along with the cool name, the Silencer is one of the better looking bags available. Both colors are dark, sleek and overall different than traditional bags. This is done without making the bag stand out too much like a Hot-Z product would. For the price, this is a bag worth considering if you want to try something new.

Who’s It For?

Oddly enough, the Silencer leans more to professional players than any other group. Intermediates will also love it, but there are so many really good features included that might not get used to their fullest extent unless you’re a serious player.


  • Wonderful, deep toned color and design
  • Some of the best shoulder pads you’ll ever find in a stand bag
  • Deep and roomy pockets


  • Only seven total pockets on the bag


Ogio isn’t as recognizable as some of the bigger brands in the industry. That may be a focus issue, or possibly just marketing in general. Ogio makes bags for everything, including traveling, hiking, school and professionals. They even manufacture purses and tote bags for women. All of this is expected from a bigger company, but since Ogio isn’t one of the big players with golf bags they are lesser known because of that extra spread. Even so, many major magazines and online publications have showered them with praise for some of their golf bags. Ogio is a brand worth looking into when your regular choices are looking too bland.


The material used for the bag itself is strong, although it seems to be a little thin. Loading up the bag is the fun part, and it holds up well even when you fill it to the absolute maximum. That is of course what users are most concerned about since the rain hood is only of decent quality. The bag won’t fall apart if it drizzles a bit, so there are no worries there. It’s the stand legs that are hit or miss for some people. On regular grass/terrain it is fine. But the legs seem a bit more flimsy compared to the bigger name brand models. Even if they get messed up, it’s easy to put them back in place. So they aren’t weak and breakable, they just tend to have a little more flex than needed. On an even surface and without heavy winds you’ll be fine 99% of the time.


For all that you get, the price is perfect. Usually smaller companies with golf bags go for a cheaper price since it would be a harder sell in the midrange or upper tiers. The 2017 model of the Silencer was a massive hit, so they already knew what they had. Not only is the pricing fair, it serves as the perfect entry price point for intermediate users that have never purchased a golf bag before. The Silencer is a good upgrade from a generic or hand me down golf bag. Users that haven’t been sucked into a brand loyalty and are curious will really get a good deal with the Silencer.


Inside and out this bag is all about quality. The top is wooden, using a hardened combination that is strong and good looking. You won’t find a lot of bags that use this material, so in a way the Silencer is unique. Fleece is used in place of velour for the valuables pocket, and it does the job just fine. The exterior of the bag is a mixture of polyester and nylon. That would explain why the bag is strong but feels thin. Either way, the Silencer holds its form well when packed fully.


Now this is where all of the brownie points are earned. The Ogio Silencer is one of 2018’s best when it comes to design. There are only two colors available, but they are done so well that it doesn’t matter. Dark static and Cayenne crosswalk are both mesmerizing to look at if you’re used to traditional golf bag colors. The actual design of both is done well, with the bag looking professional, and in some ways customized just for you. With the wooden top it really looks incredible while carrying on the golf course. This is a big accomplishment since the Silencer doesn’t break any design rules for most private/public clubs.

Best Features

At this point one of the best features is obvious going to be the design, so that will be unofficially left off of the list. The Silencer has a lot more to offer than looks and will give any top tier bag a run for its money.

  • Wooden top is durable and has a nice layer of water resistance
  • Shoulder pad system uses SHOXX X4 for comfort and flexibility. When carrying around the course you won’t feel the strain of all the weight
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket seems to be just as good as velour. Will hold up well over the years even if it receives moderate use
  • Six of the seven pockets are zippered
  • Pretty light without compromising space. It sits at about six pounds, which isn’t bad when you look at the other stand bags for the same price
  • Improved size of 36x12x9.5. This is a major deal since the last iteration of the silencer was considered bigger than it needed to be
  • Polyester/nylon materials are really good, bordering on great. Holds its form even when you have heavy clubs and accessories
  • Front pocket is fully customizable for logos or embroideries. Once detached, you can do just about anything
  • Spacious fourteen way divider for all of your clubs

Some Key Features

This may seem like a small one, but the detachable front pocket panel is nicely done. It’s easy to remove, customize and then put back into place. Sometimes golf bags don’t always make this the easiest thing to do, so having it available with the Silencer is a nice adjustment. You don’t even need a lot of experience to enjoy the customization options. It’s so easy with this model that just about anyone can do it, regardless of previous experience. With a newly customized pocket, the Silencer becomes even more unique than it already is.

Best Comparison

An easy answer would be the 2017 Silencer. But the Silencer should really be considered a more polished version of the Hot-Z Golf 4.5, which also concentrates on looks. The difference is Ogio’s Silencer manages to have a different design while still maintaining a look that private/public clubs won’t have a problem with. It is more professional in its approach and much more refined with the wooden top. Simply put, the 2018 Silencer is for intermediates/professionals what the Hot-Z model is for beginners. They each have their selling points, but overall the Silencer is a much better choice even at a higher price.


The previous model of the 2017 Silencer got a couple of bad reviews for being a tad too big for some golf carts. With the 2018 model, the made it smaller without compromising too much space. Keep in mind this is a stand bag first, so it is a minor quibble among a lot of pros. What Ogio also gained with the smaller size is a better interior. Pockets are deeper, so there really isn’t an issue with losing a lot of space with this newer model. If you carry a lot of accessories, the only downside is you’ll have to group them in some pockets together.

Biggest Pro

The design, which can only be improved from this point forward. If they introduce more colors in an upcoming model, then things will get really interesting for the rest of the industry.

Biggest Con

Probably the legs, tied with the amount of pockets. The legs aren’t horrible, but they could stand to be a little better.

What is The One Thing That Would Have Made It Perfect?

If the Silencer 2018 had 2-3 more pockets and adopted a faux leather, then there are plenty of customers that would pay double the price. This has the makings of a professional grade bag, it is just missing a little love and care on a few features. Also carbon fiber legs, which in this day and age is a must (or a compatible material).


Ogio is a company that is worth putting your money towards. Their Silencer is a great stand bag that does a nice job of being good looking and feature rich. Buyers that want to get away from the big brands will have a nice experience with this model.

Ogio Silencer Stand Bag

  • 9.5in Wooden top
  • Walking accessible insulated water bottle pocket
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket
  • 7 pockets (6 zippered)


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