Ping G20 Hybrid Review 

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Last Updated:  01/19/2020

By  John

Ping G20 Hybrid

  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Flex: Regular
  • Loft: 17 Degrees

In the G20 series, the Hybrid can often be overlooked. Even so, the praise for the G20 Hybrid is still consistent no matter what level of golf you indulge in. Players that want to fine tune their game gain a considerable advantage by switching to these clubs.

Ping G20 Hybrid

The full line of G20 Hybrids are a wonderful way to improve your golf game at all levels. It is a low priced club that was built from the ground up to minimize the effects of hitting mistakes. Hitting with the area of the face is now easier than ever, and it is all done without increasing the size of the head. That is the most remarkable thing about this club- it manages all of these improvements without increasing the size or weight of the product. Buyers will have plenty of choices to make when picking from this line, and will save a lot of money in the process.

Who’s It For?

Golfers of all levels that want to improve their accuracy hitting the ball. The G20 Hybrid is also a great club for consumers that lack power in their long range game. With the G20 Hybrid, seniors or players with arthritis will be able to stay consistent without changing their playing style.

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  • Lightweight head
  • Low price
  • Plenty of options with this model
  • Available as a left or right handed club
  • Premium graphite shaft material
  • Good looking design


  • Getting the timing down takes some getting used to


Ping clubs are responsible for shattering golf records worldwide. They are used by amateurs and professionals when they want an edge against the other players. Every few years or so the company refreshes their flagship series and replaces it with the next stage of cutting edge. That is how the G20 Hybrid came along, and it remains one of the highpoints of the entire series. Multiple users have complimented the styling and weight of the series, but more praise goes to Ping for being consistent with their clubs.


If you’re coming from the G15, then the durability of the G20 Hybrid will really take you by surprise. The abuse that a golf club goes through is pretty extensive, even for casual players. Even the shallow face doesn’t seem to give way to much damage as you’re hammering away shots on the green. All of this is quite an accomplishment since there was a big decrease in weight. It is more likely that the design of the G20 Hybrid club will chip long before you have to worry about it actually breaking.


All versions of the G20 Hybrid are at a low and acceptable price. It’s an amazing deal that really goes under the radar compared to other expensive golf clubs. The big achievement with the price is probably tied with their other mainstream brands becoming more popular. That means the G20 Hybrid is part of a larger series of clubs that give different levels of performance. Players that are still finding their place in the game will be able to try the same clubs that professionals use. This is a fantastic way to close the gap, or at the very least give all levels a chance to be one of the best.


All of the Hybrid shaft types are made of graphite while the material itself uses steel. The steel used is a mixture of multiple elements, with the majority being more familiar to other high class Ping products. So their steel (or variation) comes out much lighter than competitors while still allowing great differences in the shaft flex. Shaft flex remains one of the easiest things to test with G20 Hybrids, and should give you a general idea of how the club plays just by holding it.


The G20 is a major step up from the unimpressive design of the G15. It looks revolutionary, professional and will definitely turn heads if you’re on the golf course. The best looking part of the club is the head, which has several different marks defining which model it is. It is a joy to look at and almost hurts when you rough house it on the course. There are plenty of designs to choose from in the Hybrid lineup, so buyers will be able to get a club that matches their favorite. Even if you go for the lowest priced club in the series, it still looks miles better than the competition.

Best Features

Many golfers are floored by the many features of the Hybrid G20. It is a major step in the right direction for Ping, and shows just how much they listen to the customer base. With a large part of the game shifting to only a few types of clubs, the Hybrid G20 shows it has some real staying power with professionals and casual players.

  • Available in left or right handed models. This is a big deal when golfers so golfers don’t have to adjust to the equipment they just purchased. They get exactly what they want, right of the box and ready to go. Availability of the models are split evenly between the designs in the series, so all of the left handed models get a fair shake.
  • The shaft of the G20 is just as variable as its design. It goes all the way from light to extra stiff depending on which version you get. Often referred to as the engine of the entire product, a golf shaft that has clear specifics is valuable to a player. That is exactly why the Hybrid G20 scores big points in this area. The flex of each model in the series is easy to find so that there is no guesswork on whether it fits your game.
  • Pricing across the entire series is low. That’s an amazing feat when you consider the amount of features that are packed into the Hybrid series. You’ll always get your money’s worth when going with a G20.
  • With a strong shaft made of graphite material, you’re guaranteed years of use. The potential of this club breaking down to normal wear and tear is small. In rain or shine it will outshine its competition and hold up through extended abuse.

Some Key Features

G20 Hybrids produce low spin on the course. You’ll have a lot less ballooning because of this, allowing you much more control over long shots on the green. This big gap in forgiveness when striking the ball is the key reason to choose the G20 Hybrid over comparable clubs. Another feature that stands out is the smaller head size. This is more advantageous than it seems; the actual strike zone seems like it is in a more natural place, letting you flow through shots without hesitation. Golfers are much more likely to hit the sweet spot on a consistent basis with this setup than with larger heads where the error ratio is higher.

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Best Comparison

This is a hard sell for beginners and intermediates, but the best comparison are Karsten’s. They are super expensive, but are incredible for feel and distance. Ping Karsten’s also offer the same accuracy and control as the G20 series, which is the main selling point of the clubs. Karsten’s are 100% a step up from the G20 Hybrids, especially if you consider the non-hybrid versions of the G20 to be the best of the series. About the only thing that will make the decision hard to make is the difference in cost between a G20 Hybrid and a Karsten.

Biggest Pro

Price is always going to be a popular selling point for the G20 Hybrids. It really is hard to get golf clubs that are worth something at such a low price. Look at it like this; the next step up is a Karsten, and while it is a huge leap in quality, the price is not even comparable to the G20 Hybrid. You are getting less for your money with a Karsten if you are directly comparing it to the Hybrid. If Ping keeps this in mind with the series, then the G20 Hybrid will remain a great choice for many players needing a competent club.

Biggest Con

This is more of a side con rather than an actual con. There are too many inclusions in the G20 hybrid series. On the surface it is great, but features that you would want associated with your pick may not be available in your specific model. They spread the series out with a lot of designs and features to simulate choice, and did a good job. Somewhere in the buying process a Hybrid user will only be able to match 4 out of 5 features that they want in a single pick. Once again not a huge con, but something to think about when making a purchase.


Long time Ping users that have used their most expensive models still have kind words for the G20 Hybrid series. It is a well-respected set of clubs that appeals to many golfers looking to take full control of their game.

Ping G20 Hybrid

  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Flex: Regular
  • Loft: 17 Degrees


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